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Tiny little vignette to keep me writing

How do I do it? I never fail to find a man or a woman who thinks me A. Tiresome B. Unappealing C. Sorely lacking in something essential D. All of the above and attach all of my self-worth to … Continue reading

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I want a new drug

“We’re going to have a pull-out day,” announces my department chair. “Won’t that be unsatisfying and ineffective?” asks the 13-year-old boy who lives in my head. I don’t say it out loud. Not this time. I catch the eye of … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Seventeen weeks of spinning 3-5 times a weeks should have me in shape for pretty much anything life can throw at me, right? Not Bikram yoga. Raised by a yoga teacher, I was mortified that I can’t even grab my … Continue reading

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