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Spring Break Potpourri

Life with five and three-year-old daughters means listening to so much needless drama, all of it at full volume. “No fair!” “Spider!” “That’s not a T-Rex! It’s an Allosaurus!” Then there’s the bloodcurdling scream that makes my legs work faster … Continue reading

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Pretty Funny

Louis C.K. told David Letterman that in a sold-out comedy show of 15,000 laughing audience members, what he sees are the 1,000 people who aren’t impressed. Letterman chuckles knowingly. Anyone in the business of making people laugh can probably relate. … Continue reading

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Hey, Jealousy

After years of begging a colleague to also teach AP English, he finally said yes; by which I mean our principal asked him once and he agreed. This week, we met a few times to collaborate on projects and discuss … Continue reading

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The Chore Chart

Thank you, to reader and commenter “Nancy” who wrote: We just trade off [getting up with the kids]. He gets up on Saturdays and I get up on Sundays. Not as bad when you know what to expect I guess. … Continue reading

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Sunday Blues

Weekend mornings have turned into a silent power game. Pringles wakes up between 5:30 and 6:00 every day. Like Jim Dear and Darling from Lady and the Tramp we wish we could teach her about weekends, and yes, I just compared … Continue reading

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But I’m Here

One of my all time favorite movies is Postcards from the Edge. There are so many gems in that film, I find another perfect line of dialogue every time I watch. When the main character comes home from rehab, her mother … Continue reading

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I sing along to the kids’ Disney CDs when driving. I’ve been told I have a nice voice, and I enjoy singing. I don’t have anything like Idina Menzel’s range, but I can do a fair Kristen Bell, and Mandy … Continue reading

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The Six People You’ll Meet at an English Teacher Conference

One of them isn’t going to Heaven Continue reading

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Monday Summer Potpourri

Every mother knows that moment when “My tummy hurts” turns into mommy covered in barf. My youngest, now three-years-old, has “my tummy hurts” on her nightly litany of stalling techniques. 1. I’m not tired. 2. I want milk! (You have … Continue reading

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Unmitigated Disaster and other Hyperbole

I went to the park today with my husband and daughters. It was my idea, even. For the last eight months or so, I’ve been fogged in like a San Francisco airport. Sometimes, the whole weekend would go by and … Continue reading

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