Cat Squirting

I sat down to start my blog and immediately had to get up to squirt water at the cat who keeps trying to sit with my baby.  "How adorable!" you think.  No.  It is not.

In the living room, I have created a "Thunderdome" (the moniker is borrowed from my sister B who did the same when her daughter was a toddler) of 8 interlocking baby fences.  It is a giant "stop" sign, as in "STOP making me chase you all over the house."  The Orange One, our tabby cat, is completely enamored of the baby.  She wants to lie beside her at all times.

Now you have renewed your cries of "Awwwww!"  Look closer.  Baby V is going to CRUSH THAT CAT.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and it’s going to be ugly.  You see, The Orange One has NO SENSE.  She pets herself on the dog’s teeth.  She ignores the dog’s growls of warning and rubs herself all over the bared teeth.  Sure, the dog will never DO anything, but the cat doesn’t know that!  Or maybe she does.  Maybe I’m the sucker.

But I do know that the baby will squish the cat.  I’ve already seen it happen.  Right now, Baby V is 20 pounds, but she is growing.  Every time I turn my back, that cat is lying next to Baby V.  When Baby V is in her Jumperoo, The Orange One actually lies at her feet.  AND GETS JUMPED ON.  She purrs the entire time.  A few days ago, I heard The Orange One’s deafening purr grow muted and looked up to see Baby V lying face down on top of her.

It’s not just that I don’t want The Orange One to get hurt.  Even though the cat has been nothing but gentle, one never knows when any pet, no matter how docile, will have enough of the baby and swat, bite, or otherwise inflict injury.

Damn it, I have to go squirt that stupid cat again. 


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