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Today was the first day of the new semester of my baby gym class.  I didn’t get to move with the majority of last semester’s mommies and babies to the Friday class because Baby V isn’t 10 months yet.  I got to class late after trying to feed Baby V and dress myself in only half an hour.  It’s hard to find a shirt that isn’t so milk-stained as to be presentable.  What Not To Wear, take me away!

There was only one other baby in the class today, which was awkward.  Probably much less awkward for the mommy and the instructor when WE arrived.  I noticed Baby V was far more outgoing, though, without the large group.  Maybe she won’t be an extrovert like me, but rather an introvert like her dad.  I used to think Odie was an extrovert.  I think even he thought that.  As we get older, though, the masks fall away.  Baby V wore a mask of extreme seriousness all last semester in baby gym.  Today she was all smiles and giggles.  Maybe she was just amused by that other baby’s gigantic head.  Seriously, it was HUGE.  Odie felt that he’d be more liked as an extrovert, so that’s the mask he wore.  Imagine our surprise…

I’m feeling very angry at my mom today.  She is pissed I didn’t call her on her birthday, and before you turn on me with your "You didn’t call your MOTHER on her BIRTHDAY?" you should know that she and I do not have a close relationship.  And when did you get so judgmental, anyway?  We have a text-only and visit the grandchild occasionally relationship.  I had arranged to have her over the day before her birthday.  I bought her presents.  I had a birthday cupcake.  I had a candle.  There was to be singing.  She flaked, however.  If I know her, and I do, she was hoping that she could push a visit on her actual birthday instead.  She was going to use the "woe is me" card as usual.  "Boo hoo hoo, nobody is going to visit me on my birthday, wah, wah, wah."  I am angry because now her texts have that passive aggressive air. 

"I was sorry I didn’t get to speak with you on my birthday.  You must’ve been very busy with the baby."

I refuse to engage her when she acts this way.  No good can come of it.  It simply rewards the behavior.  Like with dogs and babies.


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