Being a “Mommy Blogger”

All my life I have wanted to stand out.  For 18 years, I was the middle child of three girls.  Then my dad and stepmom became parents of a daughter and I became the second of 4.

So the idea of joining the “Mommy Blogger” community as just another woman with time on her hands writing about her daughter’s poop doesn’t appeal to me.  That attitude is what has kept me silent in the blogging world for the 18 months I’ve been a mother (including the pregnancy).  There is nothing unique about my experience.  I don’t have a fresh “angle” to present.  My inner critic pipes up, “Why would anyone CARE?”

I will respond to that inner critic the way I responded to a friend on Wednesday night who admitted she hadn’t read my blog.

“That’s fine.  Read it or not.  My blog is for me.”


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