Still Fondly Remembering my Wedding Weekend

Wednesday was not only our wedding anniversary, it was a dear friend’s birthday.  She turned 7.  We were married on her 4th birthday.  When Odie and I started dating, she was Baby V’s age.  So I helped convince Odie to take Thursday off of work, even though he already has Friday and Monday off, and we relived the best part of our wedding: time with our cherished friends.

 It has been hard having Zeke, Claire, and Eowyn living 150 miles away.  They used to live only a 5 minute drive from us, I used to see Zeke at work every day, and we went out to breakfast nearly every Saturday.  I have even found myself jealous and resentful of their new friends.  Would I want them to move to a new town and make no new friends just to make me feel special?  The short answer to that is yes.

Claire was in class Thursday morning, but the rest of us gathered around Zeke’s yummy breakfast feast and enjoyed a naughty ditch day together.  It felt appropriate because on February 11, 2007, we all had breakfast together to celebrate my and Odie’s marriage.  There were many more friends sharing Trixiebelle’s crunchy French toast and the left-over au gratin potatoes, but it isn’t realistic that they could all be at our house on a Thursday morning, so I was thrilled Zeke and Eowyn could come.  It has been fun and fulfilling this week to relive our wedding in my thoughts and through my blog and pictures.  Odie would rather relive the honeymoon.

So, I guess he means he wants to go hiking?


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