Laundry Day

I was going to take Baby V out on an errand, but then I decided to make it laundry day.  You may be surprised to know that I felt a big sense of relief after the decision.  It means I don’t have to sort through my clothes looking for a non-milk-stained (ish) shirt to wear that isn’t so completely covered with cat hair that PETA might throw paint on me.  It means I don’t have to deal with Baby V’s carseat fussiness or slather her with sunscreen.  It means I can point to some meaningful way I spent my time while Odie is away at work.

So, it’s laundry day.  Laundry day with a baby is tricky.  It seems like it would be easy.  Load washer, unload dryer, fold, hang, repeat.  The tricky part is trying to do all that with one hand. 

You’re thinking, "Why don’t you just put the baby down and do it?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  You don’t have a baby, do you?

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