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(What Baby V is doing while I write)

Two more Mondays after today and then we won’t count Mondays anymore for ten whole weeks.  I’m hoping that Odie and I will start switching off more on some night time parenting.  He’s awesome during the day, but he’s never done bath time.  I’m not a fan of bath time either and I’d like us to try a bath sharing enterprise.

I love my Blackberry.  Yesterday I ordered a water table off of WHILE playing with my daughter in the park.  Hopefully it will arrive this weekend.  The summer heat is upon us, although it’s not suicidally hot yet.  A water table is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a toddler-height plastic table that holds water.  Apparently, toddlers like to splish splash and play with toys in water, so you set this thing up on your deck or in the back yard and fill it and let them have at it.  Odie is super excited about it so maybe that means this weekend they will play together for hours and hours with the water table and I can sit and watch Season 3 of “Lost.”

It’s funny to watch how into toys Odie still is.  To me, playing with toys is tedious.  I’d rather wrestle or walk or throw her in the air.  But Odie will play with the toys whether Baby V is interested or not. He gets super excited about going to the toy store.  Yesterday he bought her a squirt boat (like a squirt gun, only shaped like a boat) and taught her how to use it.  And of course, there is nothing like the unrestrained childish glee of a husband squirting his wife in the face with a toy water gun.

Today I’m making day care calls.  I have a tour set up at one school for Thursday morning.  Maybe this will work out better than I thought.  Maybe even as well as I’m hoping.

Mondays are often days for starting diets again.  I’m very frustrated and stalled out here.  I was touched and inspired by my friends’ encouragements, posted to my last blog about the subject.  Now that I have to go back to work in August, I feel like my time table to lose weight and get a workout routine going just shortened considerably.  I have to start a workout routine while I’m on vacation, because I will never start it while I’m working and trying to maximize my time with my daughter by rushing home from work.

I am a planner, but not a follow through-er.  I have boxes of journals from my whole life full of plans.  Diet plans and workout plans mostly.  Every week, I say I’ll start going to the gym on Monday.  Here it is, Monday, and I can think of countless other things to do.  And not do.  Ug, hello, inertia, my old friend.


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