Why We Want Lindsay Lohan to Rot in Jail

The first thing I did this morning was turn on the TV to see if Lindsay Lohan was going to surrender to jail, or if my girl Judge Marsha Revel was going to send the squad cars after her.  To my disappointment, Lindsay showed up to court.  It goes beyond Schadenfreude.  This entitled little spoiled bitch got trashed out of her mind, then kidnapped two innocent people while hijacking their car, and chased after someone she was mad at.  I swear, I think it was her assistant’s mother and the reason was probably “She was talking shit about me.”

I work with teenagers as a high school teacher and 98.4% of the time their fights stem from “so-and-so said shit about me” or “about my mother,” and so on.  One of my favorite conversations in the assistant principal’s office after a fight went like this:

Angry kid: “He called my mother a fucking bitch!”

Assistant Principal: “IS your mother a ‘fucking bitch’?” 

Kid: “NO!”

Assistant Principal: “Then go back to class.”

But I digress.

I hate Lindsay Lohan because I live in Los Angeles and it could me MY family that druggy, drunk asshole kills.  When Nicole Ritchie was arrested for driving the wrong way on the 134 freeway in Burbank because she’d gotten stoned and popped a Vicodin, my heart fell into my stomach because I drive that section of the freeway all the time and so do people I love.  This isn’t just spoiled rich teenagers destroying themselves, which I’m all for.  When they get behind the wheels of cars, it becomes personal.

I love Judge Marsha.  In 2002 I served on a jury and she was my judge.  She loved the show “Monk” and loved to talk about it with the bailiff and the court reporter during breaks.  Even then, we jurors speculated she was wearing a wig, but didn’t know why.  My guess was alopecia, but some jurors thought maybe she was a Hasidic Jew.  Give us a break – we weren’t allowed to discuss the details of the case and we had to spend a LOT of time together.

She sure put Lindsay in her place, I’ll tall ya.

The biggest reason I hate Lindsay Lohan is because she reminds me of those “the rules don’t apply to me because I’m so pretty and sexy” girls I went to junior high and high school with.  The ones who tortured me because it was FUN for them. Usually they did get away with more than the rest of us because they’d bat their pretty little eyes at the ones in charge.  They were, and according to high school reunion pictures on Facebook still ARE, genetically blessed and they think it gives them license to be mean and treat others like servants.  Lindsay Lohan is their queen.

Well, enjoy the clink, your majesty.  I hope you like the food.


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3 Responses to Why We Want Lindsay Lohan to Rot in Jail

  1. Chelsea says:

    I want to ask who those high school people were, but I’m terrified that my name would be on the list. Please forgive me for being a shrew when I was young. I’m not that person anymore. Well, only to my husband. : )

  2. mrsodie2 says:

    Hahaha, Chelsea. You’re making me think of the episode of “30 Rock” where Liz Lemon goes back to her hs reunion and discovers SHE was the jerk who made everyone’s life hell. But it wasn’t you. I still hate these people with all the fire of hell, and am NOT FB friends with any of them.

  3. ShannieO says:

    Oh you KNOW she’ll like the food! First night: Turkey Tetrazini!!! After that…I hope she’s a bologna fan. Haha I mean in the lunchmeat sense.

    I took it more personally when Nicole got busted on the 134…that’s OUR freeway.

    Linds is gonna LOVE Lynwood. I’m serious. Jail is a narcissist’s paradise. I have inside knowledge. *inside* And OH! OMG! That Alexis Neirs bitch, another false-privileged little skank, who robbed Lind’s house is in the cell next door. REALITY ISLAND. That’s IT. A show…where reality people…get Survivorish and settle their hash on camera. *MINE*

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