Blooming like a mofo

(just briefly, while Baby V is watching “Yo Gabba Gabba” [thank you Christian, Parker, Tyler, Emma, and my sister’s prom date whose name escapes me just now, for creating toddler crack] )

I hate Oprah.  She never lets anyone else TALK.  She has guests on her show and then SHE does all the talking.  But I’m not here to talk about Oprah.  I was watching a rerun of her show a week or so ago because the guide told me Geneen Roth was on.  She wrote the book I’m currently reading, so I decided to pop over to ABC and see what Oprah had to say for her.

What SHE had to SAY.  Whoopsie.

Sometimes tv changes your life, girls.  Watch more tv!

Geneen Roth said something to the effect of how we cannot “loathe ourselves into changing.”  It has never worked.  It will never work.


In the spirit of my Bloom Project, I have decided to change my thinking.  Every time I start to think a self-loathing comment, I change it to, “I am getting so skinny!  The weight is pouring off of me!  I am so happy and grateful!”  Or when I look at my flabby arms in the mirror (thanks, thigh and tummy liposuction, grrrr), I think, “My arms are so tight and toned!  They look amazing!”  I also use other thoughts, I will not call them “positive affirmations,” which are equally sunny and positive.

The last time Mama Odie visited, we got into a brief discussion of philosophy.  She always brings out the optimist in me because I love to be contrary and she is the darkest, gloomiest, most “the sky is falling!” person I have EVER met.  Love you, Mama Odie, but you are.

Her statement that struck me was “belief doesn’t change anything,” to which Odie and I simultaneously exclaimed, “BELIEF CHANGES EVERYTHING!”  And it does.

I bloom, I bloom, I bloom.


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2 Responses to Blooming like a mofo

  1. Shellie says:

    I did find you through Kelle hampton’s site but I have to say I have way more in common with your writing than with hers. Although I enjoy the writing and pics, the comments are too the same- we love you and want to be you! Bleeech!! Can I like you both? I have way more in common with someone who is still trying to lose baby weight (me almost 16 years later!) and whose snarky sense of humor gets them through the day. Even though you are back to work i hope you will keep blogging, as so much of your past blogs have me laughing out loud!
    Just when you think your class stinks be glad you do not have my 15 yr old in there. He is a teachers nightmare even though he is terrific at home…. go figure. Too bad teachers can’t take ground kids and take away computers.
    Good luck with the whole daycare, back to work thing. Remember as long as your baby cries it means she still likes you better. When I did childcare while my kids were little, I heard from parents that their kids liked me better than them. Of course they did. Hello?? I am paid to play with them..

  2. JoyM says:

    “BELIEF CHANGES EVERYTHING” is soooo right! You see what you want to see in the world and you get out of it what you are looking to get out of it. Thanks for the reminder!

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