Something’s Brewing

I am sorry that I haven’t written much this past week.  Big things are happening here in Odieland.  Soon, I will tell you everything.  Keep coming back.

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4 Responses to Something’s Brewing

  1. Lightkeepersdaughter says:

    Oooh! Another mini-Odie announcement coming up?! 🙂 I can never turn down the opportunity to “guess” – just so – when the announcement’s made, I can say – “I was right!!” – or – “my ‘tuner-inner’ sure wasn’t workin’ that day!

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your most recent blogs – and would have added a comment – except for being buried under boxes and totes, as this retired lady moves from a small condo to a smaller condo! I thought I’d downsized before I moved – but, ohmygawd – there’s still so much more ‘stuff’ that needs to go!

    Loved your thoughts on your 13-year old self……..I wasn’t a douche – though I might have liked to be – but, I was too afraid to have an opinion of my own when I was 13 – lest it be smacked out of me………..So, I would have told myself that it’ll all end up OK. Down the road little girl, you will have opinions – and some of them will be sound and valid ones too. Some of them will grow and change as your life grows and changes – and all-in-all, when your 13-year-old self has lived enough years to look back (safely) – you will see that everyone (including the adults who didn’t encourage opinions in the young), were just doing the best they could, with the history that they had. Oh! – and one more thing – you will learn much about how NOT to parent – and your child will be raised soooooooo much differently! (and she was!) 🙂

    Your nursing struggle made my heart bleed for you. You’re such a good Mom! I did nurse – only for a few months though – back-to-work kind of put ‘paid’ to carrying it on – so, I can’t imagine reaching the stage where you have a conversation with your child about nursing – but, I can feel your pain – both emotional and physical! Hope the new stage in your and baby V’s life is progressing comfortably for both of you….

    Take care………….Rosemary

  2. Rosie says:

    Is there another Rosemary? I’m Rosemary, too!
    Hope your news is good – that’s quite a hook there!
    Just wanted to say I found a photo of Baby V on an older post of yours. At least, I think it’s Baby V. If not, you should claim the child as your own for blogging purposes, because actually, that IS a beautiful baby. Reminds me of those Ivory Snow photos of Brooke Shields as an infant with those gorgeous eyelashes! Sorry – she’s much cuter than sprites!

  3. Lightkeepersdaughter says:

    Well – hello, Rosemary! There’s not many of us around – and here’s 2 on Mrs. Odie’s blog! Nice to meet you!

    (Sorry, Mrs. Odie – not meaning to begin my own little social club of “readers named rosemary!) 🙂

    Take care………Rosemary

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