Bad, bad blogger

When I was a stay-at-home-mom, there were several blogs I followed regularly.  I would become incensed when bloggers didn’t update their blogs for days at a time, sometimes a whole week.  Now, I am that blogger, and I am angry with myself for it. 

Morning sickness, which my husband and I have renamed “Progesterone Poisoning” is the primary culprit.  Lately, I have it worst at night.  Another culprit is weaning.  I have night-weaned my toddler, and that makes bedtime a much bigger battle than it used to be.  So when I finally get V to sleep around 8:00 (it used to be 7:00, nothing stays the same with a little one around), I don’t feel very creative.

But that is no excuse!  As a teacher, I would tell students, “You have to write without the muse!  Put your fingers on the keys and write!  Do it now, as Goethe instructed!”  And so, I chide myself.

I promise, I will.  This week, I had a huge spike in my blog visits, and I’m not sure why.  When this has happened before, the “Referrers” section of WordPress’ Site Stats made it clear where the hits were all being directed from.  Not this time.  Although, the blogs that were read and reread were the Kelle Hampton blogs, and the comments were all related to those blogs as well.  No one has anything to say about homewrecking sluts?  Ah, me. 

Coming soon:  How I night weaned my co-sleeping daughter, my ideas about fixing public education, and thoughts about pregnancy and prenatal testing, and my Paul Rudd story.

But for now, thanks for coming back to check on me.


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  1. Belinda says:

    I’m looking forward to the Paul Rudd story, he’s cute!

    I’ll admit, when I first found your site I trawled it for ages reading and re-reading the posts about KH only because I was delighted to know there were others out in cyberland who are irritated by her “perfect” world as much as I am.

    Now, I just read because I love your style of writing xo

  2. shellie says:

    I visit each day. If you post terrific, if not I figure you must be busy living your life away from the computer. I look forward to your posts though, so write something!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh boy, I remember those days. With my second daughter I was sick 24/7 for nine months. Sorry…don’t mean to scare you! HAHA! Maybe you’re having another girl. I hear the morning/all day sickness is worse with girls but who knows!

  4. Bree Hatcher says:

    Ha Ha. I will tell you why you have had visitors. Because someone posted your website at the hate site in reference to Kelle Hampton. I, for one, came over to see what you said and TOTALLY agree with you.

  5. ASDmomNC says:

    I pop in from time to time, ’cause I’m a freakish blog stalker like that. Progesterone poisoning. Gonna have to remember that one for work…..

  6. rosypoesy says:

    yup, i found you from mckmamawithoutpity also. i love your writing and decided to stick around =)

  7. Rosie says:

    Oh, thanks for the new read, Sweetie!
    Speaking of education, I retired from the Florida system in 2000. Now it’s become a landfill of discarded educational impulse-buys. When I taught middle school, the team system was drilled into us ad nauseum. Now it’s The Former Program Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered and there is a move back to the junior high system. Then there’s merit pay – where my friend who teaches at Ponte Vedra High would be assured of gobs of it, while my other friend -who teaches in the same district, only ‘way west over at Hastings High- would be scratching out her meagre living along side of her students’ families. Someday I would like to take a gift over to the Good Ole Boy network of piggy-faced Republicans and John Birchers in the state capital: a calendar, butone showing the actual century it happens to be!
    Can’t wait to hear about Paul Rudd. Did you read his ‘New Yorker’ gig a few years back titled ‘Dandelion Children’?
    Just to get a small things barb in here – I made a friend of mine, whose livestyle is an alternative one, watch the infamous TV show audition. After recovering from laughter that almost gave us asthma attacks, he asked me if S.W.N.M.N.B.U. was some kind of tranny. “Like first-stage hormone injections tranny” were his exact words, I believe.
    Anyway = the hap-hap-happiest of Fridays to you and your Odies

  8. Michele R says:

    I still check you out lots and have no ill thoughts if you don’t blog regularly. Usually I am bad-ass commentor but work sucks the big one these days. I just posted after not blogging for 15 days. Real life without a camera in hand is the culprit. That and a 9 – 5 job and 3 kids and a holiday season—yep, that’s real life.
    You gotta do your job with the entitled teens, you gotta be a mom and a wife, and hope you will feel physically better soon!
    P.S. I can’t stand that newly Botoxed, nepotized Angelina Voight either.

  9. Kit says:

    I have to admit I found you because of KH, and I have a question since you seem to know quite a bit about her. I don’t have time to read all her posts. But I just.must.know, has it ever been mentioned how/why her kids are never, EVER in the same outfit more than once? I realize it’s cute for pics and whatever, but where does she get the money for the shi*load of clothes those kids have, and they’re not cheap clothes. It’s just something I must know!
    Angelina Jolie, Oh don’t get me started. Gotta love Chelsea Handler for her rant earlier this week though LOL 😉

  10. Sue says:

    There needs to be a Hamptonwithoutpity blog. They have one for the Duggars and for horrid Kate Gosselin and I put Hampton right in there with those people who use the children for publicity.

  11. Lora says:

    I too found your site through KH’s site and have been reading for a bit now. I just wanted to chime in regarding the morning sickness. Maybe this will help you feel better?? Maybe not??… LOL But, I actually had Hyperemesis aka… EXTREME NAUSEA the entire 9 months with my first 3 pregnancies. Two of them I had the pleasure of IV’s and home health nurses coming out to my home to give me IV’s because I was so dehydrated I couldn’t even swallow my own saliva anymore. Constant vomitting to the point of where I couldn’t even keep down ice chips, water or a slice of bread! Agonizing!!! I went through 5 weeks of being bed ridden (some of that time with IV’s to keep me hydrated) only to lose our 3rd child to miscarriage. And then when we got pregnant with baby #4, for some reason, my Hyperemesis was non-existant! We always say that our little boy was our miracle baby! Still didn’t feel great. But, wasn’t vomitting every few minutes. Hang in there. It’s so worth it in the end!

  12. AC says:

    I also found your website through mckmamawithoutpity and I also think there needs to be a hamptonwithoutpity and a brentriggswithoutpity. They all use their kids as publicity. Here is a blog about DS but without all the sugary-sweetness of Kelle. Definetly a lot more real than KH.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      Thank you so much for posting this. I am putting it on my blog and on my Facebook. Maybe together we can all help there be one less suffering child in this world.

  13. Sue says:

    Another DS blog without all the bullsh*t of Hampton’s fakeness is called, The Bird Flock. Real people facing real life challenges.

  14. Patti says:

    jaw-drop. I just followed my lil’ feedjit bar back to your blog (lots of visits coming from here) and I saw your lovely post. I can’t say thanks enough.
    Kit- If you ever visit my bloggy and Lily is wearing a different outifit every day, it’s cuz she has lots of adoring brothers and sisters …9 of them..who sacrificed their wardrobe budget just for her:) don’t tell them I said that.
    Best wishes!!!!

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      You are so welcome. Despite my ascerbic style and general bitchiness, I do not have a heart of stone. Every time I close my eyes I see Olga’s face. I am pregnant now at 38 years old, and I know that I have a 1:120 chance of having a baby with DS, based on my age related risk alone. It breaks my heart to think that children like this are suffering out there. If I let myself think about it too much, I would go insane with grief and helplessness. I keep trying to read your birth story, but my toddler keeps asking, “Why Mommy cwying?” So, it may take some time. 😉

    • Rosie says:

      Such a lovely birth story, Patti! LIly is a beautiful little girl. I love the photo of her birth where everyone is smiling!

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