There was a time when checking in on my own blog filled me with trepidation.  I got a pit in my stomach.  A small handful of Hamptoloonies checked in bi-weekly or more to pronounce me stupid, cruel, careless, evil, in need of the salvation of Jesus Christ, ugly, fat, a horrible mother, and destined to be left by my husband.  Why was I the recipient of so much ire?  Because I dared to say I don’t like Kelle Hampton’s blog.  And I made fun of it on mine.

Now, Hamptoloonies and others might say, “Well, you were mean to her.  You dish it out but you can’t take it?”  I can see where you’re coming from there, but what I have NEVER done is write mean things about Ms. Hampton or her husband or her children on her blog.   I have said in my blog that I do not like hers.

Many have written to me that they do not agree with my assessment of her blog.  That they do NOT think she is wealthy.  They assume that it is much more likely that she got her over two hundred-dollar high chair cheap on Craig’s List than that she paid full price for it because she can afford it.  Or that all her kids’ fancy clothes are bought on consignment.  Or that her house in Naples, Florida really isn’t THAT nice.  But they don’t call me a bitch or a “fat, nasty piece of filth.”  Those are not the loonies; they are just the people who like the Hampton blog, and we can agree to disagree.

Hamptoloonies are not just the people who write to me and tell me that I am a pathetic, sad, evil shrew and that they are praying awful things happen to me and my family so that I can open my heart to Hampton’s bliss.  They also write things on her blog that make me shudder.  They tell her how they can’t get through their days without looking at photographs of her and her children.  They declare her the most brilliant writer they have ever read.  One even said that she printed a picture of Hampton’s children, put it in a frame at work and told people they were hers.  What other word can be used to describe this kind of fanaticism except “looney”?

Recently I discussed with Odie closing the comments option on my blog.  Even though I have written over a hundred blog posts with less than ten mentioning Saint Kelle, the posts that do lampoon her fantasy world get read most often and commented on almost daily.  There are things in my life right now that I have wanted to process in my writing.  Grief and trials that we are going through.  I have held back, though, because I have felt afraid of the deluge of gleeful, “Yay, you’re suffering!  Our prayers have been answered, you bitch!” comments that would flow forth from the Hamptoloonies.

My biggest frustration is being misunderstood.  It’s like the people who read what I have written are not understanding the words.  My criticisms of the blog are easy to summarize: I don’t like her style of writing.  It fluctuates between an eleventh grader’s text messages  (dude) and the self-conscious, overly constructed prose of someone trying to sound like Emerson.  Another of my criticisms is coincidentally one I’ve always had of Emerson as well.  It sure is easy to talk about choosing an attitude of “Everything is beautiful and the world is my oyster!” when you lead a privileged life.  I think she takes a lot of pictures of herself.  She seems to need tons of approval.  And I think she wears WAY too much make-up.

Finally, I think her blog is fake.  It’s like an airbrushed magazine cover.  No one really looks like those women on the covers, not even the women themselves!  One flips through the glossy pages of magazines looking at the perfect poreless skin and the sleek, size zero bodies, reading articles about all the crafts these perfect women do and how much FUN they have with their children.  One can end up feeling like, “If only I buy that hat for my daughter or visit that island or wear that shade of lipstick, maybe I can be happy like that too.”  Which is exactly what they’re SELLING.  It’s all an elaborate advertisement to make you feel “less than” so that you will buy stuff.  I see right through it, and am amazed that other people don’t.  They are so convinced that this fantasy world is real, they strike out in terrible anger at someone like me who points to the cracks in the facade.  How dare I pull back that curtain!

One particularly persistent commenter wanted to know why I was “picking on” Hampton and why I didn’t “hate on” other mommy bloggers (can we please retire that expression and it’s antonym “love on”?).  She wanted to know if it was because she had a baby with Down Syndrome.  No. It isn’t. In fact, I am glad that Hamptom seems to have opened many people’s eyes to children with Down Syndrome. This is an issue that is close to my heart, and even before Nella was born, I had read some heart-breaking statistic about how 90% of women pregnant with this kind of child abort. I am pro-choice, but I do not like abortion. I certainly do not think that Down Syndrome is a condition that should render someone unworthy of life. I myself am a pregnant woman who will give birth at the age of 39.  I have been given a 1:53 chance of having a child with this condition.  I am having an amnio this week, and I am having a baby in July, regardless of the outcome of the test.  So, no, I am not “picking on” this blogger because she has a daughter with Down Syndrome.  Someone sent me a link to her blog.  I became a reader.  I, too, have a blog, so I wrote about what I thought.  I decided I don’t like it, so I don’t read it anymore.

Several of my commenters as well as people on other blogs (it ain’t just me, folks) have criticised her for not being more of a spokesperson/advocate for Down Syndrome.  Here, I have to disagree.  I don’t think that having a baby with DS obligates anyone to pick up a flag and march in a parade, or raise awareness, or even money. It certainly puts her in a wonderful position to do so, and I hear that she has, and I don’t care either way. Clearly her passions are home decor, clothing, make-up, photographing her family, and throwing parties.  I care about none of these things, and so I don’t like her blog.  It’s as simple as that.

And to answer some of you, why haven’t I printed the comments so you can see them?  I’ve thought about it.  At times, I have wanted to show everyone just how hateful and vile these people can be.  I am particularly haunted by the person who says she (or he) prays for bad things to happen to me.  Doesn’t that go against everything prayer is supposed to be?  Or the person who bullies me incessantly with his (or her) insistence that I am a bully.  Oh, the irony of THAT.  But I don’t post them because I don’t want to fan the flame.  I don’t want my comments section to turn into a debate between my defenders and critics, nor do I want my blog to be about her!  I stopped writing about her ages ago, until now.  And finally, these angry people are really looking for attention, and I don’t want to reinforce the behavior. I learned that from raising a toddler.


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  1. another mom says:

    Well said. I feel Hampton is superficial and in dire need of attention on a daily basis from dozens of strangers/followers who have some sort of void to fill in their own lives. It’s pretty clear and utterly amazing that everyone can’t see that. I have never liked her blog and never will. I think her writing, if it is hers at all, is grating and her entire blog is one big advertisement and is now clearly a way for her to make more money. I am stunned at how much she exploits her children and she does. I don’t care how many of the Hamptolooniemommies deny that.

    Anyhow…I do like your blog and your honesty. I hope all is well with your health and wish you all the best with the new baby.

  2. Amy says:

    I was reading a book not long ago written by Emily Colson, daughter of a Whitehouse aide to Nixon, who has a twenty year old son with pretty severe autism. Her life, before her son, was a lot like Hampton’s. Wealth, living the high life, etc. She wrote the following, “I hope I’ve learned a bit since then, that “perfect” isn’t approachable. It isn’t even likeable.” Maybe Hampton could learn a thing or two from this woman.

  3. Adriana says:

    Your satirical style of writing about her blog is what drew me to you… Guilty.
    I am also guilty of being an optimist.
    My life is NOT privileged but yet the world is my oyster… Just because some have a half glass full attitude that does not mean that they have so much ie; money, maids, expensive real state.
    In honesty if you would not have lampoon the Hamptons I would have never found you or read you.
    Yes, your teacher skills do show in your writing and when it comes to sentences and the structure of them you are an ace but like Kelle… I use fragmented sentences maybe too many adjectives but somehow I connect with some readers just like she does on hers.
    At the end blogging is self expression and we all have different ways of going about it.
    Do I wish she was in touch with reality? Yes. Do I wish that you… like her… had a book deal? Sure. We should all be able to publish.
    But folks wish to connect, to be inspired and search for more out of their everyday lives and that is the reason why she is so successful.
    I wish you health, prosperity and a good dose of luck on 2011…
    and remember you too can enjoy and write about the sweet life and the small things our universe has to offer. I am certain that’s in you to every now and then besides making us laugh you can inspire us.
    a thousand blessings to you and yours.

  4. take off the make up Kelle says:

    Agree. Thank you. You have summed her and that blog up so accurately. Can I just emphasize WAY TOO MUCH MAKE-UP. I see people on stage wearing much less. It is not attractive unless she is aiming to be a Geisha.

  5. Sarah says:

    I hope you don’t disable your comment option because I love telling you how much I love your writing, your style and your spirit. I’m not sure if you care either way what commenters say, but I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog, and I’m sorry that you receive such negative comments. As an extrovert, that would really bother me even if it is anonymous. I am a fan of KH, but I have to say that your bringing it to my attention that she probably is, in fact, wealthy was helpful in pulling back the curtain for me.

  6. Lisa says:

    I read your blog and I enjoy your writing.
    I have a special needs child, and I even write about how much it sucks sometimes.
    I grieve, I cry, I get angry, and I choose to write about the bullshit that comes in dealing with raising a child with special needs. Reality.
    On occasion I will read her blog….although I try not to because for me it is not reality. Raising a child with special needs is not all happy, clap, clap. There are so many emotions that never get touched by her and I find it misleading to people who aren’t aware of the work, the emotions, that go into raising a child with special needs.
    I could go on but I won’t.
    Everyone is titled to an opinion.

  7. Lightkeepersdaughter says:

    First of all – I hope you don’t close off your “comments” section. I don’t comment every time you post (although I do read every one!) – but, I like being able to say “hang in there” during the times when your multi-tasking involves simultaneous puking and lesson planning – and – “you are indeed a good Mom and wife” – when you post your concerns about co-sleeping, potty training, & back-aches caused from ‘creativity’! 🙂

    I also ‘get’ that maybe the ‘regular’ comments from ‘regular’ commentators may not be enough to overcome the ugliness of the hate-mongering commentators.

    I enjoy Kelle Hampton’s blog – and – don’t agree with your ‘take’ on her and her blog – well, maybe about the makeup – but, it’s her ‘thing’ – so who cares? Maybe, if you met me, you’d think I don’t wear enough makeup – and you’d probably be right………but again – who cares?! If we’re comfortable in our own skin – and with the face we show the world, then – it should all be good! Well – come to think of it – I wouldn’t want to see the faces from “KISS” in my day-to-day, every day! 🙂

    Overall – I think she’s a loving Mom and wife – who may or may not be upper middle class – If her writing style makes your teacher’s ears bleed – well then, maybe ‘listen’ to her content………and if her content bothers you – then, maybe study her photography skills, which are pretty stellar………..and if her photography skills don’t interest you – then, stay away from her blog! 🙂 (and I say that kindly!) If she was your neighbour – (by the way, that’s the correct spelling of ‘neighbour’, up here in Canada!) you probably wouldn’t pop over to her house for coffee – or enjoy a friendship… So, if you’d avoid her in real life – or at the very least, not seek her out – then, why not here in Cyberspace?! 🙂

    I’m truly, truly sorry that you have been subjected to awfulness on your blog….If it’s happened only once – it’s still once too often – and I know from what you say – that it’s far more frequent than once. If we can’t disagree in this crazy world we live in – and do it with respect – then, it’s a sorry world – and those people who make your life miserable, are poor excuses for human beings – especially when they’re using the anonymity of the Internet.

    I actually find it a little ironic that Kelle’s readers can be so vitriolic – given that, if they looooooooove her so much, you’d think they’d espouse her “love everyone/forgive everyone/accept everyone/rainbow” philosophy of life.

    Take care – and “don’t let the b@$tards grind you down!” Isn’t that a quote from some 13th century author?! 🙂 …………… Rosemary

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I actually don’t read her blog. The comments keep coming because people read old posts from six months ago and comment.

      I don’t think there’s any such thing as too little make-up. I hardly wear any myself. In fact, whenever I watch “Survivor,” one of my favorite shows, and they have the reunion episode, I always think the women look awful all painted up. I grew to like them (or loathe them) with their “camping faces” on! And that’s what I’ll always prefer.

  8. Lightkeepersdaughter says:

    I bet you hate smiley-faces in people’s writing too – don’t you?! Actually me too – especially if they’re overdone – and I overdid ’em in that post! Sorry!

  9. shellie says:

    Do not stop our comments or blogging about whatever. I like reading about you, Baby V and Mr. Odie. Life is not all sunshine and roses and you have an entertaining way about being snarky. I came to your blog through KH’s but I have more in common with you then her. I look forward to your writing and although my sentence structure may not be up to par, I still like to let you know that I am entertained by your thoughts and opinions.
    I agree with not publishing the rude, mean comments. It’s your blog and you get to do what you what. Delete, delete, delete

  10. shellie says:

    And I am aware after posting that comment that “then” should be “than”. It was a typo! :>)

  11. Judy says:

    The negative, twisted comments by her strangely obsessed fans speaks volumes about the intelligence level over there. I mean what kind of people want to be her, have children just like her, pretend her kids are their’s (WTF!?), want her Poppa for a father, and on and on and on. What is wrong with these followers? I find them to be laughable in a pathetic sort of way.

    Love your blog. It is intelligent, honest and void of bullshit. The House of Hampton on the other hand loves to push the bullshit and is why I dislike that blog. Keep on writing!

  12. Melinda says:

    I agree with KH’s attitude of having a positive outlook, appreciating what life gives us, and enjoying the meaningful moments throughout a normal day.
    However, by including so very many staged pictures of herself and her children in her blog, it comes across as “Isn’t MY life beautiful? Aren’t MY kids special? Let’s all celebrate MY amazing journey!”
    Maybe she’s trying to inspire people, but there’s a touch of narcissism there that’s a little off-putting. At least in my opinion 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi…I’m writing anonymously to avoid the hate mail I’ve already gotten for one tiny little criticism of KH at my blog. Anyway…love your blog and also found it from someone forwarding it to me because of the Kelle thing. I stayed because I like your style and humor and wit! As for the prayers for doom and gloom…I just said a prayer for your success and happiness, for you and your family and baby #2. So there!

  14. L2 says:

    I too enjoy your writing.
    I like your sense of humour and can appreciate your honesty. It is your blog and you are entitled to your own opinion. Everyone has their own point of view and are entitled to that. How boring would it be if we did not.
    That being said, are we really going to resort to critiquing a person for their choice of make-up.
    This may just be my opinion, but I find it easier to find merit in people’s words if they are being civil. Criticizing someone for their choice of make-up is not civil. I honestly think that if she removed the lipstick she would look no different than anyone else. I was unaware that lipstick = geisha.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      Because she posts so many pictures of herself on her blog, I think she invites criticism of her. I don’t think it’s a horrible thing to say I think she wears too much make-up. I don’t think it makes her a bad person, it just doesn’t seem to go with her “I am everywoman” tone. I am no make-up expert. In fact, I’m bad at applying it. But I put on mascara, eye shadow and some eyebrow stuff (my eyebrows are almost gone it’s SOOOO DEPRESSING!) for work. On the rare days I don’t, it saves me about five minutes of time. I don’t know how someone with two kids has time to apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara and lipstick and keep the lipstick fresh for all of those hundreds of photos. But GOOD FOR HER if it makes her happy.

      • L2 says:

        I can’t deny that I have wondered how she manages to always look so good in her pictures. I wear make-up, I was not blessed with perfect skin. Some people may think I wear too much, some may not. It is a personal thing and it depends on the person.
        I think maybe she has mastered and perfected the art of organization?! Hell, I have been a mom for almost 18 months, back to work for 6, and I still cannot manage to get my butt to work on time. Organization I have not!

  15. Niamh says:

    I came to your blog through the anti-Hampton camp too – the first post I read of hers was the one where she brought Nella home from the hospital, and when I saw the photo of Lainey wearing her big sister crown I said – out loud – “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!” Gradually though, I came to really like her blog, and it’s definitely helped me to become more positive, which I appreciate.

    That said, I do wonder if she’s sacrificing her privacy – and, more worryingly, that of her children – for the sake of her ego. What kind of a deranged person prints off a photo of a stranger’s children and pretends that they’re theirs? Get thee to a psych ward. I’ve read her old blog posts and think that it genuinely did start as a means of sharing her life and child with her family and friends, but it’s become so much more than that. Several photos from old posts which feature her friends’ kids have been deleted, so obviously their parents decided not to splash their “littles'” faces all over teh interwebs. As I said, I do enjoy her blog, but either she doesn’t realise the power of the internet and just how many people – and crazies – she is virtually allowing into her home and her life, or she is fully aware and loves the attention more than she loves her kids. I really, really hope it’s the former.

    Finally, I love your blog, and respect the fact that you let your readers in, but yet retain some privacy. Don’t worry about the haters, you’re awesome, and the few loonies who are praying for bad things to happen to you are a), in the minority and b), going to be ass-fucked by karma for saying something so hateful. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re a great writer and I love what I’ve read so far.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      When I read some of the comments back when I still read such things, my heart used to sink. I used to feel bad for her. Terrified for her! If I were her, I’d be afraid to go out for fear that one of those loonies would kidnap me “Misery” style and insist she was my NUMBER ONE FAN. Shudder.

      • Niamh says:

        Yup, me too. As I said, I really don’t think that she realises just how many people actually see her babies every day. She might as well just invite them into her home – hell, we all know exactly what it looks like because of her blog. I don’t have children, but if I knew that some stranger had a photo of my kids in a frame, it would be enough to make me want to make my blog private before tracking down Ol’ Miss Crazy Lady and slapping her with a restraining order. As Lightkeepersdaugher said, I also find it extremely ironic that her followers can be so downright evil to you before using their next breath to gush exuberantly over Kelle, but that’s pretty much the definition of fanaticism – “You don’t LOVE what I LOVE? THEN I HATE YOU AND YOU MUST DIE”. Bitch, please.

  16. Courtney Contos says:

    All I want is to see Ms. Hampton in a sweatshirt. Not a cute hoodie with matching low-rise pants…a sweatshirt. Maybe with a stain or a rip. And an old one, like what I have on right now with my ancient ripped-up jeans. But enough about her, I have a glass of wine and a rerun of “Sex & The City” is on…and my beloved child is in the next room glued to The Disney Channel. Wonder if this EVER happens at the Hampton manor?

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      That sounds like heaven. Sheer heaven. Someday, when I’m no longer pregnant… I LOVE that the E! network is re-running old “Sex and the City”! The movies left me missing the old series. Especially Season 2, my favorite of them all.

      • Courtney Contos says:

        And I’m truly not paranoid or anything…but I would like to clarify that the time stamp on my comment kind of freaked me out. I’m cool w/ being a bit of a slacker Mommy…but when I wrote my comment, glass of vino in hand, it was 6:19 pm here in the great state of Indiana!;) I’m just a tad afraid of the Kelle Committed coming at me for my shoddy sweatshirt AND being a daytime lush! Cheers!

        • Mrs Odie 2 says:

          You’ll hear no such criticism from me. I get off work at 3:00, so a glass of wine in hand by 4:30 would not be unusual.

          • Courtney Contos says:

            Thanks…gotta say, I’m feeling as if I’ve stumbled upon some of my kind of people here on your blog.
            And seriously, if you take tons of “candid, this is just us as we go about our day” photos, wouldn’t there be a few in normal friggin’ comfy clothes? Who wears a wrap skirt to the woods behind your home? (ok, I gotta let this go;)

  17. Ann says:

    I am not surprised you get comments like that. People are nuts. I read every few days just to see what smoke she is blowing and I can’t stand how she has to be 100% made up every single day. Seriously, who has time for that when you have two small kids, one with “special needs”. She just posted that a blog reader and her family flew down for Nella’s birthday party. Can you say bizarre? You have a nice, normal blog, dont’ change a thing.

  18. SlippidyDippidy says:

    “Your satirical style of writing about her blog is what drew me to you… Guilty.”

    Same here. So I’m bummed that you quit writing about her blog.

    Sorry to hear that people are bullying you- though I’d certainly enjoy breaking out the bowl of popcorn and reading the comment wars that would ensue if you published them. It’s crazy that people are being that mean about it. Must be her close family or friends, because if they’re people who don’t really know her? Then they’re like total whack jobs! Oh wait, that’s the point you’re making.

  19. Pop says:

    I found you due to your posts on Hampton as well. I stayed because I enjoy your writing. I either love Hampton or she causes me to roll my eyes, so I vacillate a lot. But since fairies declined to fart magic pixie dust all over my life, I tend to lurk over here.

    My karma? If I had a kid with Down’s, I would be homeless. Hampton, gets the magic carpet ride, I would get a homeless shelter.

    Having been online for about 10 years now, doing the blog thang in one iteration or another, I’m a little puzzled as to what reaction you expected? I once used a term, correctly, as defined by the dictionary and it was twisted into a mortal insult by a clique of enraged bloggers.

    Death threats ensued.

    By the hundreds.

    All I did was disagree.

    That’s how blogging rolls. I’m sorry to report the internet knows no other way.


    • Courtney Contos says:

      Oh Pop. I feel your pain. I had a Sunday column in my hometown newspaper a few years back. I was loved by many, who appreciated and got my take on life…then I had the stalkers. Trying to now get up the courage to try a blog…hmmm.

  20. MrsL says:

    Anyone who uses their children to amass crappy etsy “sponsors” and free junk is a turn off to me. The way her entire birthday party was sponsors and giveaways and free favors turns my stomach.

    She’s also been hyping her return visit to the birth center for MONTHS. She’s creating faux drama for readership. Disgusting.

  21. kristina says:

    Kelle is going to be in for rude awakening when her followers eventually leave and Nella is 5, 10, 20, 30 years old. She lives in the here and now only craving the attention because the kid is a baby, but I can tell you as a parent of a special needs child her life will not be so rosy as the kid gets older.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      As a person who possibly faces becoming the mother of a special needs child, I would like to read some blogs written by people with kids in their teens. My only experience with this is the students I see at school, who range from mildly disabled to severely disabled. I have often wondered what it is like for the parents. But on the internet, all you find are adorable babies. What happens when they aren’t adorable babies anymore? How do mothers and fathers cope? What happens to marriages? To siblings? These are the things that matter to me. Not what you can do with a hot glue gun.

      • brianna says:

        Hi Mrs. Odie,
        First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I have been a reader here because of the KH reference, though I have never commented.

        I am around your age, and gave birth to my second child with DS. It was quite a shock to me. I had only undergone screening tests, but passed all with no red flags. My son has zero health issue, so that explains the good grade on the level 2, etc.
        Early on, I met with a few families who had children with DS and a range of level of function. All spoke of the joy, the blessing, etc. that their children brought. I thought it must surely be a coping mechanism. I didn’t understand how they could be so positive and happy when I was so distraught over the fact that my newborn had DS.
        Well, with passage of time I now understand what those parents were trying to tell me. It’s something I don’t know that I can fully articulate. It has truly been a blessing to me and my family, and I assure you the absolute truth in that has nothing to do with learning to cope.
        To answer your question. I recently visited a family who has an adult child with DS. He does function at a very high level, so that without a doubt has lots to do with how their life has been. To be honest, this young man’s features are very subtle and most people would likely not realize at first glance that he even has DS. I was extremely impressed by this young man, and would be proud of him just as his parents are. While I’ll love my child regardless of his level of function, I do hope my son is as capable as this young man is.
        What I have learned, however, is that there are so many other young people with DS who are just like this young man. Contributing members of society, intelligent and witty, compassionate, and a true gift to this world.
        I guess what I am trying to say is that IF you find that your child carries an extra chromosome, please know that it truly can be a gift that you never hoped for, never wished for, but possibly NEEDED. I know that sounds weird, but just trust me on that. As one mom shared with me: I never knew I wanted a child with DS until God gave me one.

        Whatever unfolds, I do believe that life has a way of working out and we really may find joy, beauty, and peace in circumstances that initially seemed lonely and dark.

        • brianna says:

          And, I also wanted to say something in defense of KH. I know this is not the place to praise her. It makes me wonder if I’m reading the same blog as you and your other commenters!
          Everyone has their opinion, and I’m not going to change anyone here. I just want to say that some people go through this life really understanding that we basically get one shot of it. So, they reallly LIVE! What others see as over the top, or fake, I just see a woman makes the most of the life she has been given.
          Just had to get that out that off my chest.

  22. please alert Queen Hampton says:


    OK- so if some of you Kelle Hampton freaks who write the nasty comments to Mrs. Odie are reading this tell your warped queen that ETSY, the company she is pushing on her blog this week, is also in the business of writing horrible greeting cards mocking many disorders– one being DOWN SYNDROME! Hampton is so busy promoting herself and exploiting her kids that she doesn’t even bother to see what has recently been posted about ETSY. Absolutely disgusting. Both Esty AND Hampton!

  23. Marty says:


    Hi Mrs Odie-I do know of several blogs blogs that are written about parents who have teens with autism. One is Kim Stagliano. (above) She also recently wrote a book which is very good. Three girls with autism. I can’t even imagine. Another mom, Susan Senator, has a 22 year old son with autism and she writes a blog. She also writes columns for newpapers. Most of the moms who write autism blogs, and there are many, have kids that are still small. Some are a bit like Hampton (let’s never show the bad side!) but many are very honest and helpful to other parents.

    Can I please add (and I am not trying to be controversial here, please know that) but as the mother of a son with autism please, please, please research vaccine risks and autism. The numbers are staggering, doctors will NOT share information with you and I believe so many vaccinations by age three are contributing not only to autism but to many other developmental disabilities and disorders as well. The Age Of Autism is a great site with a lot of information. I wish I had known the dangers before I vaccinated my son who regressed with each vaccine.

    Anyway, I love your blog and please keep on writing. And yes, Hampton truly makes me my stomach turn.

  24. Patti says:

    One of my favorite blogs, for the very reason you mentioned:


    Sarah gives me hope for the future.

  25. Gen says:

    With a readership as large as Kelly Hampton’s, it’s almost a mathematical certainty that there will be some crazies mixed up among there – someone actually printing out a picture of her children is bad enough – but passing them off as theirs? Oh boy.

    But then again, I often believe that like attracts like, and it might go some way in explaining the vitriol aimed at you: I see KH as a fairly harmless woman – but she desperately craves validation and praise (?father/abandonment issues) to the extent that she exploits her children. She put up a photo of the ‘mess’ in her house to prove that she’s one of us plebs; but I wouldn’t put it past her if she had staged that mess herself, putting piles of things just in the right place, getting the lighting right, snap & edit and that’s why I just don’t believe she is as authentic as she makes herself out to be. That and the fact she has turned herself and her children into one giant Etsy ad.

    I digress, my point is that many of her readers are probably just as fragile as she is – and any tiny critique, no matter how small is like a booming battle-cry that threatens to shit all over that perfect orchestrated world. Like KH, I doubt they’re the kind of people who can deal with introspection and personal growth other than to whitewash it with empty positive platitudes, rainbows and unicorns. But there is hell to pay for the person/people who expose that.

  26. mrsk6 says:

    I’m sorry that you get hate mail. It isn’t right. Knowing you the way I do, it also isn’t deserved. I am enjoying reading all of the support on this most recent post. You are entitled to that and much more.

    As a fellow wearer or little to no makeup, I agree with your criticism of Ms. Hampton. I also agree that putting so many photos of herself out there opens her up to criticism. If I were looking at the art of a photographer, I would say “your subject is over made up.”

    Finally, as a woman with all of 2 pictures of my son on Facebook, I am truly saddened by the exploitation of the littles and seriously concerned for their wellbeing being so exposed.

    I love your blog and I love you my dear friend.

  27. Kit says:

    I don’t agree with the threats and hate mail nonsense. You’re entitled to your opinion, too bad if everyone doesn’t like it. I’m on the fence with KH. I do like reading about the fantasy and looking at the pretty pictures, but it can’t be all real. Let’s also not forget, these pictures are heavily edited. That’s why there is never a wrinkle or imperfection to be seen. I also can’t imagine a person having that many friends….who has the time, especially with two little kids? And the heavy make up? It’s just too much, unless it’s Halloween or you’re trying to look like a clown. For what it’s worth, I also don’t think she’s rich, but I think her Dad is. He owns quite a few rental properties in FL, so he probably helps out.

  28. Marty says:

    If the above commenter is correct and Poppa is rich and gives the royal Hamptons money I have to wonder if the divorced sister, Carin from Life is but a dream/CJSRambling blog, gets nothing from Poppa since she is living in a run down small apartment. I think it is clear Poppa plays favorites. Sorry to say but I think that man has really screwed his kids up.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I think that KH’s husband’s software business does VERY well and I think she is making plenty of money with her endorsements. I’m sure Poppa Rik lends one of his many Florida vacation properties for the occasional free trip to wherever. When I say I think that the Hampton clan is well-off, I don’t mean like Real Wives of Beverly Hills rich, I mean rich enough to own a home in Naples, Florida rich. Quite a bit more comfortable than the majority of us, that is.

  29. Christine says:

    Love your blog. And kelle’s. I suppose I’m a bipolar blog reader. I do want to comment on one thing though. I recently moved from Naples (hated it there) and lived about mile from her. Rich is of course in the eyes of the beholder but I can tell you her home is worth about 200-225. If they bought it before the bubble they could have paid 3x that much but that is a good estimate from the last 2 years or so. So not really that different from the national average of home prices. Side note- I have no idea where she found so many friends. Half the population is grumpy retirerees, I’ve never lived in such an unfriendly place.

  30. Kit says:

    Back again for just a little rant….what’s up with the open mouth smiley pics?
    Does her mouth need to be wide open? And it’s HUGE!! I was looking at some of her pics and it’s so obvious she’s practices these poses. How narcissistic is that?
    On another note, what about these birthday parties? Do you guys think she really makes all the crafts herself? Sure looks like a ton of work!! I have to give her credit there, I am impressed. I wonder how long before we’ll be seeing the Kelle Hampton Show.

  31. Cinoda says:

    I really didn’t want to rant on here, but I’ve gotta let this out. I do read the KH blog and as some said before, I take it as a grain of salt. To each their own. I became infuriated after reading the last post though. She talks of a friend who lost their 8 year old son in a sledding accident and then posts pictures and talks about all of her blessings!!! I feel so bad for this Michigan family and can’t believe what I just read.

  32. Anti-matter says:

    I am so grateful to have found a fellow KH hater. I tried to voice the reasons I dislike her on another website and was stunned at the reaction I got. She is a goddess to some.

    I don’t even know where to start with my list of reasons I can’t stand her, but am so grateful someone else gets it! The entourage she had at Nella’s birth, and the gift bags, and the crown she wore…OMG. Yet she has 274 closest darling dearest girlfriends, all of whom clearly worship her.

    Keep up the good work, and more KH pardoy please.

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy too.

  33. Jessica says:

    A good friend of mine read KH weekly and loathe her, but because I’m a hateful person, I can’t stop reading, because perversely, I think I almost get more enjoyment out of the things I hate than the things I really and truly like. That being said, her entry yesterday infuriated me so much that I actually left a comment (which I never have done). I left it under my own Blogger account, with my picture right next to it, and not under a fake account or an anonymous account. Plainly, the entire blog entry lit my ass on fire. If you have not read it, I’ll summarize: an old friend from Michigan’s 8 year old son was killed in a tragic sledding accident. Poppa called and told Kelle and she was in Starbucks at the time. Dramatically, in true Hampton fashion, she dropped her chai tea in the middle of the store and left to rush home to her babies. The title of the blog was “Shaken” and it’s all about how there’s these moments in life that “shake” you into appreciating what you have even more. Cue ten million pictures of her kids with their sidewalk chalk. The end of the blog says, “It’s good to be shaken from time to time.” Basically, she was upset for all of 10 minutes, then re-purposed her friend’s true tragedy into a personal reminder to Kelle Hampton to appreciate her perfect life just that much more. All 300 comments previous to mine lauded her poise and attitude in the face of what was clearly a devastating moment for her, what with having to leave Starbucks and all. The general message of the entire blog was, “RIP little boy who I’m so glad wasn’t mine; my poor friend will never get to take pictures of her little boy again, so here’s one thousand of MY girls who are still alive to make up for it. This is a rilly rilly sad day.”

    I left this comment word for word:
    “Being shaken a bit is good from time to time.” How very selfish of you. Your friend’s child died and you feel blessed to have been “shaken” by it. While you continue to revel in your perfect life and write blogs about how you were so overwhelmed for a minute that you had to leave Starbucks, your friend has just endured the tragedy of her life that will take her years to even come close to moving past. Shame on you for using her tragedy to seek validation once again from your readers. Her son’s loss means more than a reminder to Kelle Hampton to take a few more pictures today.”

    And it was deleted shortly after by Kelle. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. If you make a great deal of money from blog sponsorships and book deals that are born from your blog, which exploits your children and personal life, I think you sort of forfeit the right to pick and choose what gets displayed. For honesty and transparency’s sake, the naysayers’ comments should be allowed to stay just as well as all the ass-kissers’ comments are. She doesn’t need to respond to them (I’m sure her readers would for her), but to delete them is cheap and shady and only further reinforces the fact that Kelle has a desperate need for her life to be seen as perfect. Perfect pictures, perfect comments. It sickened me, and if I were her friend, I’d have a few words for her about exploiting my personal tragedy over my son’s loss for a few more bits of validation from strangers on the internet.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I almost never look at KH’s blog anymore. I really laughed at your line, “All 300 comments previous to mine lauded her poise and attitude in the face of what was clearly a devastating moment for her, what with having to leave Starbucks and all.” Delightful. What a terrible story about the family in Michigan. If I found out my “friend” used my child’s death to blog about her own gratitude, I would never speak to her again. That poor mother and father.

      As for Hampton’s staff deleting the post you wrote, I am sure that they are instructed to delete any critical or offensive posts. I cannot believe Kelle herself reads them until they’re sanitized. But I understand not posting them. I never post my comments that say “You are a nasty, stupid, hateful, fat, ugly bitch,” because I don’t want to start a conversation in my comments about my ugly bitchiness. I’m afraid too many people would agree and it would crush me emotionally. I’m sure it would Kelle too, despite her claims to the contrary (and Poppa’s, who told a critical poster that her comments “don’t phase Kelle”), the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    • Gen says:

      I read that entry too. It sums up everything about Kelle – self-involved, insensitive, exploitative and probably in dire need of some professional help (I gave the link of Nella’s RSV hospital admission to a friend of mine who works as a therapist. She couldn’t read beyond the second paragraph)

      Honestly – how much presence of mind must a person lack to think, “OK, today I heard about a tragedy. It’s not my story to tell, but I’m going to write about it and put it in the public domain where there is a readership of thousands. I’m going to write about it, publish it and turn it into something beautiful about ME, because that’s how my personal narrative works than actually dealing with the pain i.e. shitty into shiny. I’m going to put more pictures of my children to emphasise just how lucky I am. I’m going to tell the world I was in Starbucks drinking a chai tea, because it matters. Oh and I must not forget to acknowledge our sponsors” – in the same goddamn entry about the death of a child

      People read this stuff and think it’s *wonderful* – they sit at the trough and chow down on it. They are as bonkers as she is.

  34. Marty says:

    HA. The Kelle Hampton show. That would be a hoot. The public would rip her apart. Her phoniness would shine through too much. She can fool her minions but the American public is a very different story. Can you imagine the press when they discovered her background? Father turned gay, dumped the poor mom, became a Rev. Ms. Kelle would be splashed across the front of Star magazine in no time.

    • alexandria says:

      Most of America doesn’t come from a Cleaver family! So what?
      The bigger question at hand is why don’t you all realize that obsessing over her and reading her when you HATE her is plain weird! I’m no psychologist, but it doesn’t seem that you haters are mentally stable when you keep wasting your time on her blog. I also don’t get making an issue over how she applies make-up or her speculated net worth. Again, that speaks volumes.
      I don’t care one way or another. I don’t get why Mrs. Odie continues to allow this. You can write without this childish level, so do it! Differences in our world are o.k. She’s different from you haters, but doesn’t mean she is fake. You just don’t relate. Big Deal!!!!!! Get over it people already!

      Congrats on your baby news Mrs. Odie!!

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        Thank you for your well wishes.

        Isn’t “obsessing” a bit strong? So I wrote a handful of blogs about her. I have over a hundred blog entries here. I’d hardly call that obsessing. Most of the readers who comment on her do so only once and then let it go. Differences in this world are fine, I agree. But there is a phenomenon among humans called “love to hate.” It makes soap operas popular. And reality shows. And blogs. And that’s all we’re doing here.

    • Very Anonymous says:

      “Poppa” was a minister during the marriage to mom & left after being discovered having MANY affairs with male members of his church. Mom basically had a breakdown & up and moved with Kelle, her sister & her brother into a cult/commune. Some legal mumbo jumbo began, as in custody & visitation issues, and basically mom ripped the kids from his life. He only reconnected when his kids started getting married.

      Little known fact: mom, brother & sister think its all BS. They are basically sickened by the charade. It is the “Kelle & Poppa Show”.

      Little known fact #2: Divorced sister’s ex-husband is brother to Kelle’s BROTHER’S wife. They all grew up in this cult/commune. Its beyond creepy. Overall, I cannot stand this broad. And her gaggle of star-struck “friends”, too? BARF.

      I am so glad I found you! I love your wit & writing. I truly thought I was the only one out there saying: “For the love of God, WHY & HOW are you people buying into this crap?” I have to go now! I shall go into hiding under the cover of night, as I fear the Loonies have already picked up my scent…some random white van will be pulling into my driveway any minute now.

      God love her and her wonky little eye….

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        I have a friend from Texas who says that as long as you say, “Bless her heart,” after talking bad about someone, it neutralizes the criticism. So, bless her heart.

  35. Kim says:

    The person who printed out pictures of Lainey and Nella, framed them and pretends that they are hers needs some professional help. That’s just scary crazy.

    I’m finding your viewpoints all fascinating. I’ve subscribed to your blog. I’ll buy your book.

  36. Anti-matter says:

    Oh and now she’s gone back to the room she gave birth in to feel the pain, and be joyous. OMFG. Can you imagine the nurses at the hospital taking that call…’oh so you want to revisit the birth room, take photos of yourself and your gal pals, then post them on the internet…um, oooookay.’

  37. James says:

    Look up the word narcissist in the dictionary and Hampton’s face (edited by her for perfect lighting of course) will be right next to it. She exploits her kids and for that she is truly a sickening individual.

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