Kelle Hampton Reloaded

Editor’s Note: This blog entry was written in March of 2011. So, if you found it through a Kelle Hampton Google search, read it and lose your shit, know that you are losing your shit over something that is old news.  Also, if you read the previous post about Olga, the orphan with Down Syndrome, her family still needs help to bring her home from the orphanage. You can click on to donate to this worthy cause. -MO2

I thought about my original theme of “Bloom” and the bizarre intersection of my blog’s fate and Kelle Hampton’s.

Two women couldn’t be less alike than she and I. Yet, somehow, in that show business rule of twos kind of way, we both seized on the idea of “blooming.” We were like “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact.” “Parenthood” and “Modern Family.” “Juno” and “Junebug.” “Dangerous Liasons” and “Valmont.” I’ve always attributed these coincidences in entertainment to the Collective Unconscious (and intellectual property theft). When someone puts enough energy into an idea, that idea drifts into the awareness of other human beings. I know, it sounds very Allison Dubois (another example! “Medium” and “The Ghost Whisperer”), but it’s the kind of healy-feely, “let’s all rub our crystals on the vortex with Eckhart Tolle” kind of stuff I tend to believe in.

An idea I had been kicking around in my head since the fifteen post-wedding pounds I gained (okay, twenty-five, who the hell am I kidding?) was to “bloom” like a divorcee, only without getting a divorce. In the media and my real life, I’d seen enough examples of women who were recently left by their husbands and lost weight, got great haircuts, finally pursued the hobbies they’d ignored for years and generally became the greatest versions of themselves they could be.

As Charlie Sheen would say, just winning.

It is as if somehow marriage had been holding them back all those years instead of operating as a support for all of their dreams and aspirations. Maybe women lose themselves in marriage, and freedom from it can allow them to truly… well, BLOOM.

This train of thought led me to a quote from “The Witches of Eastwick,” wherein Jack Nicholson explains to Cher that when a man unloads a wife, or a woman unloads a husband, “however it happens: death, desertion, divorce – the three D’s – she blooms. She blossoms. Like flowers. Like fruit. She is RIPE. That is the woman for ME.”

About a year ago, a friend of mine got dumped by her husband. I’ve known her for a decade, but the woman who emerged from this experience was unfamiliar to me. Never fat, she lost a bunch of weight and became positively svelte. Always a teacher who produced art, she became an ARTIST. Her success since the divorce has been phenomenal and enviable. Recently, her art was sold in a famous auction, covered by E! News and The Huffington Post.

I have mentioned before that I am my husband’s second wife. He ended his first marriage much the way my above-mentioned friend’s husband ended theirs. He also reported to me afterward that when he saw his ex-wife after they separated, she had lost tons of weight, her skin was cleared up, and she’d taken a job that he never believed she’d have the courage or commitment to take. She bloomed. Although he was not regretful of leaving the relationship (except HOW he did it), he did feel a bit of chagrin that he seemed to have been holding her back all of those years, somehow causing her to be chubbier, more acne-prone, and less brave in her career choice.

And so my thoughts return to Kelle Hampton. I know, I know, you were thinking, “Enough about you and your stupid friend! Write some scathing commentary of that woman!” I recently read up on her blog, the comments, the criticisms of her written on other blogs, and a new, slightly different picture began to emerge for me. I have always said that I dislike the blog because I think it’s exploitative and disingenuous. I still believe that, but differently. I used to think that KH was a wealthy woman, married to a successful many years older man who luxuriated in the lifestyle he provided her. She had her perfect child, then her child with Down Syndrome, and she became one of the most successful mommy bloggers on the internet. She got a book deal, a spread in Parents Magazine, and raked in the cash with Etsy sponsors. She has also made her father, “Poppa” a minor celebrity. Or, I should say, she has provided a platform for him to exercise his narcissism and bask in the admiration of internet strangers who think he is the smartest, funniest, most sincere, blessed by God, loving Poppa anyone could ever have!

If you read KH’s blog and do a little research on her, you see that she was a public school teacher, but quit her job around the time she got married. She had a large, fancy, country club wedding with like nine bridesmaids. Her groom seems shy to me, easily eclipsed by his attention-hungry wife. For some reason amenable to having his daughters’ photos on the internet. There is something in his manner easily detectable in the photographs (in which he almost never appears) and he does not come across as the sophisticated Svengali I originally suspected him to be. His father is a CEO and a professional photographer. Where I first thought there was probably a workaholic millionaire who left his bored, lonely wife alone with her kids a lot, I now think there is a man who watches his two daughters while his high-maintanence, fame-hungry wife works on her “projects” (and probably is the breadwinner of the family).

A recent blog entry was about how she’s a bad housekeeper. I read it on a break at work (totally NOT on company time, I swear), and the photos were blocked by our firewall. If you have not read this blog without the photographs, then you have not fully experienced the dullness of the writing. What happened? I remember when I first started reading it over a year ago. There was some talent there. Some honesty. She wrote about taking Nella to Target for the first time since her birth, and running into a worker there whom she had talked to all throughout her pregnancy. She was nervous about showing the employee her baby. I found it easy to empathize with her because she was so awkward. She didn’t put some Etsy handmade spin on it. It was just this uncomfortable moment between her and a Target worker that had no resolution.

But somewhere after the book deal and the husband quitting his job and the Poppa cult following, Kelle Hampton’s true, authentic writer’s voice is gone. Without the distraction of the photos, you might miss it, because of the photography. I guess it’s really a photo blog and not a literary one. Take the pictures away and the writing is soul-less and formulaic. It doesn’t stand alone. “Gonna” and “gotta” appear frequently.

And I had to laugh my ASS off this morning when I read her blog (forgive me, but there was a link to it on another blog I was reading, and I couldn’t help myself, I am SO BORED), and she wrote two things she couldn’t live without are coffee and kids at her feet, but I accidentally read it as “coffee, kids, and my feet.” And I thought, well, at least she admits it. She and her “ultra ego.” Tee hee hee.

And this is the kind of schlock that makes folks rich.

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41 Responses to Kelle Hampton Reloaded

  1. Jessica says:

    A couple comments:

    I’m a second wife too, and a 16-years-younger one at that. I’ve always been under the impression most women do “bloom” when they get divorced, and obviously this is my intention should something terrible happen and I find my own self divorced one day. Not even to rub it in T’s face, but just for my own personal satisfaction. But T’s ex wife has NOT bloomed. It’s the oddest thing. She moved back in with her parents when they separated and has remained there ever since the divorce (years now), working a part time job. She’s lost no weight, taken up no hobbies, and I’ve never seen her without her hair in a ponytail. It perplexes me, to be honest. I mean my own mother got breast implants and went blonde following her divorce from my father, so this is what I expected all women did, to an extent. To lead a somewhat inferior life than even the one you had pre-divorce? It’s strange.

    Second: the house pictures were disgusting. I was JUST talking to a friend the other day about how so many women now think it’s cute or charming to post pictures of how messy their houses are. Why?? It’s not cute! It’s gross! Have you seen them yet? There’s just shit EVERYWHERE. Clothes on the couches, crap on the floor, the kitchen wasn’t shown but I’m sure it’s a biohazard area. Don’t even want to think about the bathrooms. I suppose there’s personal preference going on here; some people can live in shit and clutter, and some can’t. I know I am the type of person who cannot, so I strive to keep my house clean. I always wonder how the KIDS feel in their slovenly houses. If the kids are the type of people who hate clutter and living in clutter, but are forced to live in it because their mom is too GD busy editing pictures on the computer or doing whatever to just CLEAN UP A LITTLE, I wonder if they get stressed out or uncomfortable sometimes in their environment. It seems so unfair to make your kids uncomfortable in their own house because you fancy yourself too free a spirit to just make the house a decent place to live.

    It’s rather amazing how, despite the fact they’re all home all the time, nothing seems to get done around that house.

    And finally, now that she has an audience and a carefully cultivated persona she is trying to market, she has to write to please that specific audience and build up the persona. When she used to write, she was just Kelle Hampton. Now she’s Kelle Hampton Enterprises and that’s what the writing has to market. (Have you noticed all the “home decor” ideas recently and how she mentions where she got everything and what it cost her? I have no time to clean my sty of a house, but look at the perfectly set dinner table; you can copy this look for YOUR dinner parties for only $15 and some spraypaint.)

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I agree, Jessica. This bugs me about Heather Armstrong’s blog as well. I know they have to pay the bills at, but she can be so funny sometimes, and then she’s taking pictures of her pillows and telling me where she bought them and I’m screaming WHO CARES???

  2. Very Anonymous says:

    Love this post! As with all of your other observations, musings and your blog in general, KH related or not, your writing remains fresh, funny, very smart and rings true. Clearly NOT the same, redundant “schlock” churned out day after day. Nor am I apt to be on the verge of diabetic schock after reading Mrs Odie 2. Yay for that!!! (btw, I am LOVING the “SEE!!! SEE??? See, how ‘normal’ I can be, everyone?” thing going on over yonder in pink fluffy cloud world…*eye roll*)

    Uh-huh. Yea. Sure. Got it.

    And, exactly how difficult is it actually to put caps on first words of the first sentence?

    Keep writing. You crack me up. You piss “them” off. And that is funny in itself. (The intelligence level over there is not about to set the world on fire, and, if anything catches fire over there, please let it be the piles of crappy kids clothes, not to mention the lace tights and purple shoes…Good GOD!!! And, I digress…for now.) And I KNOW I am not alone on that one! It is the way you write, your voice, that makes me look forward to reading your blog. No matter what the topic of the day may be!

    You ARE a Supreme Court Justice!!!

  3. Very Anonymous says:

    TO CLARIFY: From my previous comment, I made the statement:

    “And, exactly how difficult is it actually to put caps on first words of the first sentence?

    This is NOT a reference to you, Mrs Odie!!! It was a simple observation when a commenter, perhaps her real name or not, who may or may not even have a blog of her own must “write” in a certain manner, which may or may not be done to be “original”.

    I may or may not be annoyed by this.

  4. I’ve given up on writing. I write to please myself. I’m never going to be rich or famous and my friends who have book deals work insanely hard for very low pay and not as much prestige as one might think. Not interested anymore, although we’ll see what the future holds.

    I do have some novels I could put on Amazon for Kindle. See if I can make a buck.

    As far as KH, she’s working to hard on cliched metaphors for dummies. Trying too hard to find perfect combination of words. I wonder if the pressure of success is getting to her. I wish her the best, it’s never being easy living under that much scrutiny, even when you’re the gatekeeper.

  5. working TOO hard, not to. My meds affect my brain at times. I’m much more stoopider than I used to be.

    And I also write to help people. I get a lot of thank you emails.


  6. Niamh says:

    Just on Jessica’s comment about the cleanliness – I am a type A anal retentive when it comes to cleaning, to the point where, when I lived with my boyfriend, he felt uncomfortable sitting on the couch because he would disturb my pillow/throw placement. I never actually told him off for disturbing my pillow/throw placement – I’m anal, not crazy – but he still picked up on it. My mother was picky about certain things growing up, and I’m the same now, so if I had kids I would worry about passing on my OMG I hate mess crazy onto them, and making them anxious about making messes/spills, because that’s how I sometimes felt as a child. My experience makes me think that I’d rather my kids grew up in a slightly messy home and felt relaxed, than be afraid to be kids in case they made mommy mad.

  7. Valerie says:

    The staged pigsty house is only the latest in Hampton’s farce of a life. Clearly she has read some negative comments about herself and is thinking people will change their attitude if they can see that even the famous KH has a messy house. Um, does she think people (other than her minions) are just that stupid? She probably spent the morning telling the older kid to throw clothes everywhere while she staged dirty dishes and unpainted toenails (horrors!) Her plastic life gets more pathetic by the day. I do feel for those kids.

    • Ann says:

      Well, now KH is crying because she was so overcome with emotion watching Nella eat strawberries. Who knew?

  8. SlippidyDippidy says:

    I think this is all funny. Your posts on K are funny and I will always look forward to them. These commenters getting all offended and serious about your post is funny. K’s clear lack of content and constant barrage of advertisements lately is funny. Well, it’s chuckle worthy at least. Like, does she really think readers don’t feel like she’s constantly trying to sell to them? It’s such a turn off that one can only chuckle. But I guess in the end she’s the one laughing all the way to the bank.
    These are blogs for shit’s sake! Bloooooooooogs. But oh yes, I must have forgotten that the interweb is only for serious matters.

  9. Mrs J says:

    Once a day I usually think about checking out KH’s latest post but for some reason I just can’t stomach the fakery anymore. I don’t know when it happened, but I just stopped looking at KH’s blog about her perfect, plastic, staged life.

    At least Mrs Odie doesn’t delete comments just because they don’t massage her ego, nor does she get her poppa to come to her defence. And that’s probably why I keep coming back here, you keep it real.

    (Mrs. Odie edit: Actually, in a bad mood this morning, I am going through and doing EXACTLY that. I hope you still like me anyway.)

  10. Lin says:

    I neither hate or like KH. She is highly annoying and her writing is that of a 14 yr. old “free spirit” writing in dear diary format but the girl does take gorgeous pics… albeit mostly because she is rocking a pretty badass camera. It’s kinda hard to mess pics up when your camera is in the $1000 range and up and read a book or two on the subject. Plus, she is taking pictures of babies, which I mean come on! they always make great pics. I have a pretty nice camera myself, but I don’t consider myself Anne Geddes or anything. The post of her house was a little staged if you ask me. I am currently on bed rest with my first (a boy!) and I still manage to keep my house in “decent” shape. I’m not a Type A that needs everything in its place, but good god, fold the f*cking laundry. My husband puts it in the washer and dryer and I fold fold fold. Given that she is a stay at home, I’d think she would be able to coral herself enough to do that. I was introduced recently by a friend to her blog and while at first, I thought, WOW! a woman showing her life to the world with a DS child and doing it with relative ease… and then I started reading the blog a little more. She doesn’t even talk about her real struggles as a DS mom or her real struggles as a mom at all. When she does she puts a picture of a cupcake underneath the text as if to say, “look at me, I may be struggling but I made it all better by making sugary goodies!”. It’s not genuine. I know when I’m really upset by life, I don’t feel like baking. One of my really good friends growing up had cerebral palsy and let me tell you, when somebody has a disability and they have real problems, cupcakes don’t fix it. When little Nella (who really is a precious little girl) starts having real issues (whether they be mental, physical, emotional or social), shit is gonna hit Kelle’s little perfect photo shoot fan. She will be wishing she could take pictures of a messy house.

    • alexandria says:

      Some of you can’t be happy no matter what. If KH gets you going, then how do you handle things in your real life? People have written about her perfect life and how they just don’t buy it. You want her to be flawed, because you say she presents herself as the opposite. That just can’t be the case, right? Don’t you see that you are giving validity to the belief that she is “perfect” when you claim her imperfections are staged?
      I’ll never understand the mindset of so many who seem to take great joy out of trying to destruct another. Life is hard for everyone. The struggles differ, but it’s not easy. Anyone who takes pleasure in criticizing her, or anyone else for that matter, is just so insecure in their own struggles and life. You just do this to make yourselves feel better I guess. I don’t think that way, so I can’t relate. I wonder if it works for you all. Do you then feel better about your own lives after trashing another? Do you really??

      • Lin says:

        Well it must be nice to live in fairy dust land. I do have real struggles. I have a placenta previa and I am on full bed rest with my first baby. Given that, I am suffering from extreme boredom. So I have the time to examine a blog to a greater extent than I normally would. That fact that you say I want her to be flawed is laughable. We are all flawed. I don’t give validity to the belief that she is perfect. How messed up is it to “stage” a messy house? People have to know I am just like them so I will throw shit everywhere and make a photo shoot of it! That’s really laughable.
        Do I wish bad things for this woman? No. I hope Nella keeps on being the cutie that she is. I don’t want bad things for any of them. But the odds of Nella having real problems in the future are the rule rather than the exception. I also wish society was more accepting of people with SN. That, unfortunately, is a long and bumpy road.
        Mrs. Hampton opened her life to the world and with the good comes the bad. She is going to be criticized. Does being critical make me happy? You bet your ass it does. If life was all pink and fairy dust, it would be boring. Do I think my opinion of her is going to change the majority of how they think? Hell no. But just like you, very hypocritically might I add, I judged and and made my two cents.
        What is really laughable is you chastising me for judging her and stating my opinion. All the while, you go on to judge me for doing so and try to make me feel bad for using the few brain cells I have left (due to nonstop reruns of Real Housewives and E! News, yeah bed rest sucks). We are all adults here. If you honestly can’t handle people criticizing one another, I’m surprised you made it through high school.

        • Mrs Odie 2 says:

          I’m sorry to hear about your placenta previa and bedrest. Any chance it will resolve before the birth? I hear that sometimes it does. It’s funny how “the grass is always greener.” Part of me thinks “Bed rest! That would be AWESOME!” Well, if I had disability insurance, which my district cancelled for reasons I won’t go into. But then after a long weekend of doing nothing because V has croup and is contagious, I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work and doing something ELSE.

          • Lin says:

            It’s all a waiting game. Mine is marginal, so it’s not full on previa but it’s low enough to scare them. At 18 weeks I had one of those notorious scary previa bleeds. I have been on bed rest for 3 weeks. I have to wait 4 more weeks and they check again to see if it moved. *fingers crossed*
            The boredom you experience is mind numbing. I can only walk around for 10 minutes every few hours and to the bathroom and back. I can only take a shower every 3 days (ewwww). So I watch trash TV and read blogs to keep my mind off of it all. My husband has been a badass though. He has taken awesome care of me and our little boogie.
            I meant to ask, I knew you were pregnant as well, how far along are you? I’m 21 weeks with my first (after this maybe my last) and it’s a little boy who kicks the crap out of my bladder. Hopefully this placenta moves up and I can work for the last 10 weeks. We need the money and I need my sanity and showers back!

      • Mrs J says:

        So, let me get this straight….. by discussing KH’s blog and how she presents herself…. we are giving validity to the belief that she is perfect? In order to do that we would actually have to believe, as you most probably do, that KH really IS perfect.

        Just because we are saying we don’t buy into her fakery, doesn’t mean we are trashing her.

        • alexandria says:

          I’m not a lover or hater of KH. I don’t think her life is perfect. Many of you make the point that her life isn’t perfect, not really. I agree! But then when she posts a photo of a messy room, you say it’s staged. Why do you think it’s staged. I’m just not following that. You can’t have it both ways.
          As far as how I made it through high school. Well, let’s see, I made a point to stand up when some kids were bullied for wearing the “wrong” shoes or some other superficial nonsense. It’s not hypocritical to chastise you grown women for attacking another woman on the basis of her makeup, wardrobe, etc. For those of you who do that, something is missing in your own lives. Now, for those of you who attack her writing style. Have at it! That is a valid critique, whether I agree with you or not. I would stand up to any woman who sets to destruct another on the basis of such superficial aspects. Be it KH, Mrs. Odie, or Lady Gaga! I just teach my kids to be kind to others. It’s childish, it’s high schoolish for some of you to make the comments I have seen. Nothing I could say will make you become nicer people. It’s something that is learned early on in life, I guess.

          • Lin aka Judgey Wudgey was a Bear says:

            Just because I’m a critical person at times does not mean I am not a nice person. Don’t you think it’s kind of critical of you to assume we are all evil bitches because of our opinion of a subject. I never judged her hair or makeup. I did judge her writing and the fact she isn’t taking any groundbreaking photos. I also did judge her staged blog. Personally, it does come off as staged. I have read a lot of her blog and never have I seen pics of her house like that. I never claimed that I thought this woman portrayed perfect. I think she WANTS to be perfect. I think it’s rich you are criticizing me for criticizing her. The very thing you so obviously hate, you are doing yourself. You are judging. If you were really above it all, you wouldn’t even read our vapid assessments of KH. You go on to claim we aren’t happy no matter what. Well I am happy as a clam for the most part, you are the one with her panties in a twist. You will probably argue back, go ahead. I, however, am done with this. It’s beating a dead horse. Just one thing, how can you NOT judge lady gaga for what that bitch wears?! I mean honestly. I judge you more for that than insulting me or taking up for KH.

            • alexandria says:

              Can’t tell you one song Lady Gaga sings. I was trying to make a point. I’m judging some of you for being hateful on the basis of very superficial matters. So, if that doesn’t apply to you, then why are you firing back at me? In your case, I wasn’t speaking to someone like you. So many others here, however, do take issue with what they perceive her to be like. I don’t know KH. None of you do either, I’m guessing. It’s not right to judge her because she may live life different than you. That’s all. I’m done too. It’s a hopeless matter.

            • Mrs Odie 2 says:

              I’m just an evil bitch who was never taught to be nice. My parents suck.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I, for one, hope Nella is one of those high functioning people with Down Syndrome who never gives her mother a moment’s worry. For Nella’s sake. That is my wish for KH’s family. That her daughters will be so healthy and normal, she can endlessly focus on herself and her media empire.

  11. Lin says:

    I meant to add one thing. I love your blog… I just discovered it through your arch blog nemesis but I have enjoyed reading it tonight. KH related or not. If you would like to see a “mommy blog” that’s a little more tongue-in-cheek and real, head over to The girl is hilarious.

  12. Maryellen says:

    alexandria-hop on over to Kelle’s fantasy land and kiss her ass if you like her so much. She puts herself out there and her fakeness shines through so many with half a brain just may criticize her.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I have read KH’s blog in the past and have never seen her house look like that whatsoever and then suddenly, when she has more than likely read some negative comments about herself, she is a “messy” housekeeper. Sure. The woman who strives for perfection every day of her life, repaints furniture and redecorates rooms in her house almost weekly suddenly has a house that looks like that. I personally don’t care what her house looks like but the way she portrayed it for her endless blog photos, it was clearly staged. However, if KH is indeed that much of a slob then she has two personalities which wouldn’t surprise me because I truly think the woman has serious issues. Alexandria, if you fall for that then I have a bridge to sell you.

    KH’s writing is awful and the way she constantly tries to sell herself is awful. She additionally uses and exploits her children to generate money from her blog which is what I really can not stand about the woman. Here’s a novel idea Kelle and Brett Hampton, get day jobs you deadbeats!

  14. Adrien says:

    I just wonder how many people are keeping in mind the fact that KH’s blog is called “Enjoying the Small Things.” Not “Let me focus on every little inconsistency and how inadequate I am and how imperfect life is.” Sorry, but many of these comments have a twinge of jealousy, like it or not. If I wanted to read about someone’s problems all the time I’d read…every other blog that exists. I need an escape, too, every once in a while. Go ahead and say that I’m “drinking the kool-aid.” Yep, I am. It’s grape. And it’s good.

    And I could care less if some of the childhood experiences are staged. So are many of my children’s experiences! If I wasn’t behind the scenes planning and pulling strings, my kids would sit in front of the TV all day long. Sorry, I’d rather have a “staged” afternoon of sidewalk chalk or flying kites or going to the park. Sheesh….

    • Mrs J says:

      Not sure how she can actually be enjoying the small things when she’s worrying about the need to post photos of a messy house. Quite the reverse really. I think she’s worrying about the small things. She makes her personal life a public domain, of course people are going to discuss it. Get over it.

    • Niamh says:

      I completely agree. If I wanted to read a moany blog, I’d would, but I don’t, so I read Kelle’s. I also agree with what a commenter said above about readers not being able to have it both ways – you complain that her life seems perfect, and then complain when she does a “staged” shoot of her messy house…it reminds me of celebrity magazines complaining that so-and-so has really packed on the flab but then accusing her of anorexia when she drops a few pounds. Of course her house gets messy – she has two young kids and is too busy enjoying the small things to keep on top of it. It happens all of us at one time or another.

      Before you label me as a Hampton minion, I must point out that I don’t worship at the altar of KH. I enjoy her blog and respect her positive attitude but there are many things I don’t like about her/her blog. She seems incredibly self-centred. I hate that her blog has effectively become an ad for etsy/the latest must-have mom accessory. I dislike the brainless, ass-kissing comments people leave. I think she is far too unaware of the fact that she is virtually opening her whom for God-knows-who to prey on her kids. Her “Poppa” really, REALLY irks me. However, there are many things that I like about it too – I absorb what I like, and leave what I don’t.

      Finally, I’m amazed at how many commenters claim to hate her, but still read her blog on a regular basis. Why?! Just so you can have something to complain about to make your own lives seem better? So you can look down on her life because you feel that yours is superior? If you don’t like her life, her lifestyle, or her attitude then don’t read her blog. Simples.

      • Niamh says:

        *opening her home, not whom. Goddam cold medicine melting my brainz…

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        I use the word “hate” as hyperbole, but I think what you are not understanding is a phenomenon known as “love to hate.” It’s the reason that “The Real Housewives of ____” series is so popular.

        • Niamh says:

          I get the whole “love to hate” phenomenon – I really do. I just don’t think that KH deserves a lot of the slack she gets. Make fun of her writing, fine; but people making fun of her looks, her husband and how she dresses is just cruel. The mean-spiritedness of it all makes me sad and uncomfortable. There are a couple of commenters on here who take a dig at her on posts that didn’t even mention her – that seems a little much to me. As I said, I’ve criticised her myself in the past, and don’t think she’s perfect by any means, but I wouldn’t be mean just to be mean.

          Btw, in my comments above I was referring specifically to other commenters, not to you. I think that you tend to point out her flaws without taking the low road – you criticise, but you’re not cruel about it. I found your blog through the anti-Hampton posts, but stayed for the writing.

  15. get real says:

    Far from jealous here Adrien. My husband and I have real jobs and don’t exploit our children on a blog for income. Bottom line, Hampton doesn’t write tht blog for the joy of it, she makes her income off of it USING her kids. If that’s ok with you then I have to say that is pathetic however I must say the “mommies” who fall for her really need to get a life outside of reality shows and lame blogs.

  16. Liz says:

    @Adrien, if a great deal of your life with your kids is also “staged” then I must say you are as sad as KH. KH’s focus is not on the “small things” but on the world she so desperately needs approval from and her kids are great tools for her to make money to boot! That’s not being their mother, that’s being their manager.

    Adrien– just another KH minion. The dumbing down of America is alive and well in the comment section on the Kelle Hampton blog/side show!

  17. justsayin says:

    I find it hilarious that you refused my comment submission. I felt maybe I hadn’t given you the benefit of the doubt and returned to the blog but now I see you are no different from KH whom you claim to hyperbole hate. Just as she deleted your callous message, you deleted (or chose not to post) mine which was well thought out (or so I thought), well worded (again, my interpretation because it was from, well, me) and completely (on this I am certain) civil. There was no name calling, no mud throwing. I thought it would provoke discussion. Silly me. So. For all that you sling at KH, turn the mirror to yourself. You are no different by not allowing my comment. You open yourself up on the internet just as she does. What do you say or do that deserves negativity? Presumably nothing, just as she has no reason to be “hated” by you. Hate begets hate, plain and simple. You’re sitting around wondering why karma is being such a big ole meanie but the answer has been within you all along. How’s that for a shiny Wizard of Oz ending?

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I’m glad that you got a good laugh, since my blog is primarily a humor blog. I didn’t publish your comment because it was: a) too long, b) nothing other posters hadn’t already said, c) about something I no longer care about: Kelle Hampton and her blog, d) speculation and inquisition that a careful reading of my other blogs would totally address.

      I don’t know what you mean about her deleting my callous comment. I never made one on her blog. I don’t criticize her for deleting comments. I would and I do.

      I am tired of all the free publicity her blog gets from mine. Look at the dates on my Kelle Hampton posts. I moved on. Ages ago. You accused me of spending too much time thinking about her and her blog. I spend NO time thinking about her or her blog. I do not write about it. I do not speculate about it. I do not read it. I did, in September of 2010. But that was nearly a year ago.

      I wrote a “reloaded” blog not too long ago, in an attempt to get all of the Hamptoloonies to donate money to a Down Syndrome adoption website. That backfired, and I won’t be trying it again. Live and learn.

      Additionally, “Just sayin” with the g left on or off, is one of my least favorite expressions.

      If you want to provoke discussion, I suggest you start a blog. It’s a great outlet for all of your thoughts.

  18. yagerbabies says:

    HI! I stumbled apon Jessica’s ‘I hate Kelle Hampton’ post when I did a google search of KH, I actually did a post today; Kelle vs Jessica…lol Hopefully I get approval from both but if not oh well. 🙂 But from Jessica’s blog I found yours.

    I must say I am loving the intelligent versions of KH out there. I’ve never really been into reading mummy blogs until I found Kelle’s and despite thinking she herself was quite annoying, I think her little over exposed girls are adorable and I can’t help but go back for more…I am so glad I found ‘the other side’ however!


    One of Jessica’s commenters said ‘Kelle must fart glitter’…..that will remain with me to the grave! 😀 Great work girls. Mother’s WITH brains, who would have thought?!

  19. yagerbabies says:

    P.s….I chucked a Kelle and deleted a ‘comment’ I didn’t like regarding one of my other posts….which I in my new post i re-wrote…Jessica’s post about not having her comment published made me paranoid..I don’t want to be a KH!!!!! argh. (just reading through your comments…)

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