Some moments before everyone wakes up

I love to drink my Sunday morning coffee in my Joshua Tree mug. I don’t drink coffee every day, although my obstetrician assures me it’s perfectly safe. I’m going to need the jolt of daily caffeine badly enough in July when I have a newborn and a two year-old. I look forward to Sunday coffee all week.

Today, I feel lighter and happier. Yesterday, Odie and I got rid of a bunch of stuff and gave it to Goodwill. This is not an easy sell to Odie. He is a hoarder and I am a purger. I think you need one of each in a marriage, else you end up either living in a tent on government land, or starring in a show on TLC. And not in a good way. There was a time when we probably could have taken a bad turn and become one of those couples with cats up to our armpits, but thank God we adopted The Orange One. She is so stinky, poorly behaved, badly groomed, and just plain irritating, that neither of us ever wants another cat after her. Ever. My cat, The Gray One, is a proper cat. She is scornful, aloof, greedy, stealthy, sleek and beautiful. The only time she will cuddle up to you is if she is cold and you are warm. She might give your lower legs a rub if you are standing in the kitchen and she feels her food isn’t quite fresh enough. But it is understood that this is a transaction, not a relationship.

As I watch my daughter stir on the video baby monitor (and kick my husband vigorously about the head, neck and shoulders – poor Odie), I realize my stolen morning blog time is coming to an end. Sigh.

I feel spring coming, as we spring forward today. The squirrels are active in our front yard, digging up the nuts they buried last fall, munching them and discarding the empty shells on our decks. Pigs. I imagine soon, the pair of birds that nests above our porch light every summer will soon start swooping under our eaves. And driving both cats crazy with murderous rage.

And if everything goes well, summer will bring not only a much-needed vacation (because we greedy, filthy-rich teachers have summers off to spend on our yachts), but a brand new baby girl. I still can’t believe it sometimes. I feel her growing and stretching my body. She is head-down, according to my latest ultrasound, and it feels like she fluffs my bladder like a feather pillow. I don’t want this pregnancy to go quickly like I did last time. I know what’s on the other end. When V was born, I was so exhausted and whacked out on hormones, I cried for my pregnancy. When she was inside, she was so safe and well cared for. And although I was uncomfortable, I got SOME sleep. A run to the grocery store was the easiest thing in the world compared to what it became with an infant and postpartum back pain (not to mention my recently stitched girl parts). Plus, I know Pringles will be my last baby. This is the final time I will be pregnant, so I don’t have any desire to have it over forever.

And then I sneeze and pee my pants, and think, okay, maybe a little.


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  1. ASDmomNC says:

    I’m here!!! Just been sooooooooooooo busy… and autism getting in the way. 😉 A GIRL!! Congrats!! I can visualize her fluffing your bladder. That’s adorable. The yacht comment made me snort my pop tart (nutrition is always such a high priority for me).

    You are wise to relish that last pregnancy. I didn’t realize my second pregnancy was going to be my last, and didn’t cherish it like I should have. Bladder control issues and back pain aside, it is something to savor indeed. P.s., Poise makes pantyliners that absorb like crazy. Just sayin’….

  2. mrsk6 says:

    I love it when you make me giggle… and Ricky gives me that look like “oh, her again.” He he he he.

  3. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    Thank you for the Poise pads tip. Bought some today. Oh, yes, folks, we went there. Incontinence pad talk.

  4. Rosie says:

    If you laugh, I hope you won’t pee in your pants: but my pets have been up to it again, making fun of that poor woman in Naples. Lillie insisted that I post her newest photo on my blog, so check it out!
    Enjoyed your Sunday blogging, BTW!

  5. Ginny says:

    What happened to k. Hamptons husbands job? Quit? Fired? Retired? Enough material to do a blog post?

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      Not for me to do one. I have very little “inside” information, and what I do have is not verifiable. I do not believe that he currently works. I believe that they live off of the money she makes blogging, and probably some family help (but not her Poppa, like everyone assumes).

  6. SlippidyDippidy says:

    When I had my second baby, it was amazing how different it was. Different in a good way. I didn’t have a hormonal month afterward like I did with my first. I recovered much faster. Nursing was a breeze. I was exhausted, but not nearly as exhausted as I thought I’d be considering I had another child who had also just turned 2. Things fell into place much faster than I thought they would.
    I was pleasantly surprised that it was, dare I say, easier- even though there were two of them to care for. It just didn’t feel as hard as the first time around. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised too.

  7. I could tell how peaceful you felt on Sunday morning. And about the summer, your Pringle picked a good month to arrive.
    If you google her hubs….. you can see that he worked for a software co. that is owned by his dad….so he prob had to give up the pool biz, then work for his dad, then didn’t need to. I am very familiar with Naples…so many older people bought their 2nd homes there when they could years ago and then the next generation stayed in those homes and then decided to work there (when it was more booming). With so many strip centers right after the other now, of course you need many workers and so there are many, many “regular” people there. But so much influence of needing to keep up with the Joneses there. Also, her FIL is way, way into photography and previously bought her expensive camera for her.

  8. Michele Renee says:

    52 pairs had a visit from naples, FL a few hours ago…..(52 pairs has the map that shows who has visited).

  9. diana says:

    i agree with slippidydippity- it is so different the second time, so don’t spend too much time worrying about it! it is like with your first child, the things you worry about aren’t the problem, it is the things you have no idea are coming that really get you.

  10. Rosie says:

    Just came on board to bitch about Florida passing the merit pay for teachers. I came across this comment:
    “Not going to stay past 3:00 anymore. Not going to teach anything but what’s on the test anymore. Not going to care if parents don’t like all the homework so long as kids score high enough. Not going to pass a kid who doesn’t perform the way I want them to. Not going to buy any supplies for students ever again. Not going to have recess – will be practicing for tests. Not going to give up any of my summer time off to set up my classroom at the beginning of the year. Not going to call parents after school hours. Not going to tolerate any disruptive behavior. Not going to care if your child is stressed out in school. WILL DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO GET THAT MERIT PAY NO MATTER WHAT I HAVE TO DO WITH RUTHLESS DISREGARD FOR YOUR CHILD’S HAPPINESS. (Just going to be running things more like a business like our Florida legislators want.)”
    I loved teaching – I don’t miss it, though, and I feel bad for my friends I left behind on the battlefield! It seems that every Republican administration that comes in thinks they can run education like they run their crooked businesses *coughcoughRIckScottcoughcough*!
    Rant over.
    You & Pringle have a great day! (Thanks for pimping my blog, BTW!)

  11. Jennifer says:

    How can I ‘follow’ your blog? Is it different because it’s in wordpress? I’m a little too lazy to type in the website every day 🙂

    I love your blog, by the way!

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      Why, thank you! It’s different from Blogger, but there should be a “subscribe” feature on here somewhere, and then you get my blogs emailed to you when I write a new one. That’s what they told me when I Googled it, anyway.

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