Spring Break! Whooo HOOOOO!

Everyone’s sleepy except the one who should be napping. “It’s NOT time to go to sleep,” she has declared.

I am on spring break. Aside from the money and the fame, spring break is one of the perks of being a teacher. I am holding myself back from sticking my head out of the car window and screaming, “Spring break! WHOOO HOOOO!” at all times, because Odie works in a different district, and his break is next week. The only spring break we’ve ever had together was last year when I wasn’t working. I feel that for his sake, I need to be subdued about my euphoria. But between you and me, I am so excited. And he gets to spend his spring break drunk, so fuck him.

Ahhhh, a week off right as the weather turns delightful, and my pregnancy enters its third trimester. V is still in day care this week, so I get to do things like spend the afternoon reading, get a pedicure, swim at the YMCA, and watch MY shows on TV instead of that same damn episode of “The Wonder Pets Save the Pigeon” over and over and over.

I’ve been reading Heather Armstrong’s first book, “It Sucked, and Then I Cried” on my Nook Color. The first few chapters I have read are about her pregnancy complaints. I know they are supposed to be funny, but I don’t have a ton of patience for people’s barf and poop stories. I understand the temptation to blog about one’s bowels, I do. My digestive travails are very much on the forefront of my mind these days. But I have never been one for scatological humor. Some people think poop is HILARIOUS, and I’m just not one of them. I guess that’s why she calls herself “Dooce.”

Pregnancy is a pain, however. And it’s tough not to complain. The last week, I have literally felt my pubic bone separating. No one has ever said, “Oooh, I want to know what that feels like!” Because you don’t. Neither do I. And while I think there can be cathartic release and perhaps even humor in the “pregnancy sucks” genre, I guess I’m just not in the mood. I’m kind of loving being pregnant, knowing it’s my last one. And as far as complaints go, mine are relatively few. Knock on wood.

I heard on the radio yesterday that close to half of women hate their Facebook friends, and one of the reasons is the endless status updates about and pictures of their damn kids. I’ll bet my Facebook friends hate me. Especially the ones who get drunk and take pictures of themselves making duck faces at the camera.

One of the drawbacks of writing a blog that my friends read is I can’t gossip about my friends. Not that I want to gossip about my good friends, but I have some acquaintances I’d like to gossip about and they may just one day stumble across my blog, and then it would be awkward. And if I’ve learned anything from Dooce, other than how often she poops in a given week, it’s that I should NEVER bitch about my bosses on my blog. Not that I would. I work for the most amazing people who have ever walked on water. And so good-looking, all of them. Just stunning.

Maybe I’ll save it for the book. Because the people I wish I could gossip about are the same ones who secretly hate me on Facebook, and they would never buy my book because of that whole secretly hating me thing. 

But not YOU. I’m not talking about YOU. We’re cool, you and I.


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10 Responses to Spring Break! Whooo HOOOOO!

  1. Sharks says:

    I’m writing a book (aren’t we all?) about my bizarro and often times horrifying experiences in the workplace, and if any of the asshole bosses/coworkers who make an appearance ever get their hands on it (like it’s ever going to be published, HA), I’m going to have to move to Antarctica. I picture them marching up my road with torches, frothing at the mouth and totally united in their hatred of me.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh yes enjoy your break and I applaud you for still sending V to childcare. My childcare provider mostly watches teacher kids, then in the off season (spring break, snow days) other school kids come so I don’t feel right about taking my kids so it isn’t really a break even if it is great to be home with my kids. That report perplexes me as why would women hate someone for showing their kids on FB? So, do your friends know you write this blog? Does everyone who knows you know who mrs. odie is!?!

    I just finished reading “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” and was asked to review it for an internet new/opinion site and found myself loving it and wondered how fair I could be in the review since I loved the author’s way so much. I really enjoy the way the woman writes and would highly suggest it to you (even though I don’t really know you…just your writing:) Happy Spring break!!! Ours isn’t for another two weeks; I can only imagine how crazy the kids will be when we get back so late in the spring.

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I think many people get annoyed with the endless mommy updates. Especially childless/childfree people. Here is the link to the article I heard quoted on the radio.

      Yes, most of my friends know about my alter-ego, but many don’t. My former students certainly don’t. And some of my mommy friends from Fertility Friend.com don’t because when I posted on that forum about my positive screen for Down Syndrome, one woman sent me a link to Kelle Hampton’s blog and told me, “Read this blog. She’s wonderful.” So…

  3. Carrie Tabor says:

    Eh. I am not too happy with Kelle Hampton’s latest post, which basically includes a frontal nudity pic of little Nella. It gave me the ickies. Anyone else creeped out, or am I being a wet blanket?

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      If you look at my last post, “Wherein I lecture you about medical tests,” several people commented on her naked baby photos.

    • Niamh says:

      Nope – I thought it was gross too, way over the line. I don’t take umbrage with the other shots of Kelle’s kids in the bath because they’re normally just from the waist up. All parents take photos of their kids in the bath, that’s normal. But posting a full-frontal pic of your baby on the internets is just plain stupid and wrong and horrible. The fact that it seems to have stemmed from a nice moment of mama-and-baby togetherness, all relaxed in a warm, safe place just makes it worse – like an abuse of trust, I think – and drags it firmly into voyeurism. Blech.

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        I agree, but mostly I think that some things need to stay private. It would be a beautiful photograph to have. Just not to POST ON YOUR BLOG!!!

        • Niamh says:

          Oh absolutely – it was a gorgeous picture, and would be something lovely to look back on over the years, but it was definitely one for the family album, and the family album alone.

    • MrsL says:

      Totally creeped out. I am also creeped out by the photo of the little girls at the birthday party. You can see their underwear! If I was one of their mothers, I’d be pissed.

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        I’ve often wondered if she makes all of the other mothers sign photo releases, gets verbal permission from them, or just posts photos of their children on her blog without telling them. If some mother was snapping away photos at my day care, for example, I’d ask her if she was planning on posting any of them on the internet, and if so, to make sure my daughter wasn’t identifiable in any of them.

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