Change of Plans

Home sick again.

I couldn’t “suck it up.” My query about whether my pain was tooth, sinus or ear related became blazingly clear in the middle of the night when I came down with the white-hot pain of an inner ear infection. I haven’t had one since childhood, but there is no mistaking that pain.

All my attempts at neti potting came to naught, I’m afraid. I was hoping to wash away the nastiness dwelling in my sinus cavities, but I think I only succeeded at washing it into my ear canal.

On top of this, V’s fever decided to come back briefly late yesterday afternoon. Our day care has a policy of “no fever for 24 hours” before we can return her to school. And really, it’s a no-brainer for us because I would not want to expose any of her classmates to this virus which has taken such a strong hold in our once healthy little home.

Knock on wood, Odie remains surprisingly unaffected. We have fingers and toes crossed over here that if this illness is going to sweep through the whole family, it’s done and gone before Pringles arrives in 3-4 weeks.

Poor Pringles. I’m at the point in pregnancy where all the Mommy Forums start throwing around the s-word: stillbirth. The risk is highest after 37 weeks, all the alarmist literature tells me. And it happens in what were “seemingly healthy pregnancies.” So little Pringles is getting lots of extra poking and prodding from me, encouragement to move around and reassure me that she’s okay. She’s doing so right now as I type. Good girl.

Fingers also crossed that V wakes up feeling better. It would be nice to see her be her old self again. This will be her fifth consecutive day home from school. The new plan is: everybody back to work and school tomorrow. Here’s hoping.


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  1. Karebear says:

    Feel better, my friend! Your classroom is still standing and I’ve only seen security there once (not today) so here’s hoping everything is still in one piece. Call me in the morning if you need anything

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