Thanks for hanging in there with me. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’m supposed to lie on my left side 24/7 and drink lots of fluids. Drinking the fluids makes the lying on my side 24/7 part problematic because I have to get up to use the bathroom fifty times a day.

My ear infection is better. Turns out, amoxicillin was the drug for me. Within two days of starting it, the pain had lessened and I could sleep again. I still can’t hear very well out of my afflicted ear, but it gets better every day. Thank you for all of your well wishes.

My lazy placenta seems to have gotten her ass in gear, and the blood flow to my daughter’s brain is normal. I’ve been having non-stress tests every couple of days, yet another obstacle to this 24/7 bedrest thing I’m supposed to do. I have been to a doctor’s office literally every day since I was told to rest all the time. All of the tests have shown that Pringles is doing well. She is very non-stressed.

At my appointment on Wednesday, I watched a few episodes of a show called “Extreme Couponing.” Wow. Those bitches crazy. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, these are some serious late-stage addicts whose drug of choice is “getting a good deal.” No matter if she already has 50 jugs of bleach. Because, you see, if she combines these coupons JUST RIGHT, she gets another 20 for FREE! Some of these crazy ladies have additions built onto their homes to store all of the purchases they’ve made. Purchases they will never use but, for reasons that were not explained, do not give away. One woman giggled in her interview how she needed to find a new use for toothpaste other than just brushing her teeth because she had so much of it and it was ALWAYS on sale. I guess giving it to homeless shelters or sending it overseas to refugee camps would just be out of the question.

Ultimately, I had to turn the show off because one goal for me at this point in my pregnancy (38 weeks, 3 days) is to keep my blood pressure low. And I mean SERIOUSLY? You just bought $600 of groceries for a penny and you can’t give that shit away? Baffling.

After a few non-stress tests (stress from couponing hoarders aside), I felt upbeat going into my ultrasound on Wednesday. Surely THIS would finally be the appointment where Dr. Doom said, “Everything looks great! Have a wonderful delivery! See you never!” But it was not to be.

Now it’s my amniotic fluid. It’s right at the cut-off of too low. It ISN’T too low, but it’s right on that border. In fact, on Wednesday, the doctor said he’d like to see me go ahead and deliver. As in RIGHT AWAY. At that point, I still didn’t have much pain relief from my ear infection, and Odie had his panties in four or five different twists from the stress of finishing his school year (which he will do on June 22).

Call me crazy, but when I tell my husband “It’s time!” I don’t want his reaction to be, “NOOOOOO! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

So, I negotiated. OH, and here’s the kicker. My obstetrician went to RUSSIA for two weeks. Yeah! The good news is her associate is mellow and comforting and doesn’t see any reason to rush an induction with a borderline low measurement when my NSTs all look promising. And now, here I am. I’ve had two more fluid measurements since Wednesday and it’s holding steady at the borderline. I’m on 24/7 bedrest and all the water I can drink without exploding. Pringles is moving lots, so I feel good about that. And so, we wait.

I need just 5 more days, but I’m fine with just making it through this weekend. I’m hopeful that my non-stress test on Monday will show an increase in my fluid level, or at least no decrease.

I’ll keep you updated! And because I’m so hopelessly trendy, I will do my best to “Tweet” during my delivery, when it happens. Even though I’m super embarrassed to even write that.


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7 Responses to Update

  1. Rachel says:

    Your ear and sickness – it is all a little message telling you the big dirty secret no one tell little girls – You can’t have it all at the same time. You need to focus only 100% on yourself right now. I don’t care if your husband has to take another job or if you have to sell a car, whatever. Nothing else matters but resting and being with your daughter until the big day. You can do it.

  2. Lin says:

    I have left a few comments before. I have been on bed rest for over 4 months. I feel your pain. They want you to relax but they want to constantly poke and prod at you. I did make it to 35 wks and 4 days as of today!!! We were thinking our little guy would be here at 26-27 weeks. Crazy huh? Sucks you have to go through all this at the very end. I’m just glad I made it this far. If he’s born from here on out he will do fine my doc says. All his NST look good. It’s mostly a growing/feeding thing from here on out. I hope you have an easy delivery and I hope pringles continues to do well! Good Luck!

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      Lin, I have been thinking of you the last few weeks. Bed rest has been so boring. I cannot imagine 4 months of it! Congratulations on making it so far! I hope it continues to go well.

  3. Meghan2 says:

    Mrs. Odie,

    Thanks so much for the update, was thinking of you! I know this is all a pain in the butt, thank G-d it will be over soon with a little pringle in your arms! I am so glad you can find a sense of humour in it all and that you share that take on things with the rest of us! OMGoodness I just noticed too many exclamation points! Oh my what is a girl to do! Ugh……

  4. Rosemary says:

    I’m not ‘with it’ enough to Tweet…….At my advanced age, I’m so proud that I can Facebook, e-mail, Google, & operate Photoshop and my DSLR camera! So…………..I will have to wait to hear news of Pringle’s arrival via your blog!

    Glad that your ear is improving – and let’s hope that you get a few days actual rest – not ‘laying-on-your-left-side’ rest! 🙂 – before little Miss Pringles joins you, Odie and Big Sister V! Continue to take care of yourself!…..Rosemary

  5. Erica says:

    Been reading your blog for the past few months – love it! First time commenting…I just felt compelled to reach out & wish you the very best these last few days of your pregnancy. I know it’s been a rough road, but I’ve also heard you mention that this will be your last pregnancy. And so (I know you know this already), but TRY to enjoy these last few moments, before your trio becomes a beautiful family of four and life is, once again, changed forever. All the best & keep us updated!

  6. Sara says:

    You’re tweeting!? Wow. I’m impressed. Now I have to follow you and actually get updates since I want to know what’s happening!!

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