Getting to know her, getting to know all about her

Every night, as I put V to bed, I think, “As soon as she goes to sleep, I need to update my blog.” And then I either fall asleep, or stay up most of the night nursing and pacing the floor bouncing and shushing my infant daughter.

Between my duties to my newborn and my two year-old, I have found it very difficult to get to the computer and write. The last two updates were from my Blackberry. Soon, I will write and publish Pringles’ birth story. We had some terrifying moments. Apparently, babies need amniotic fluid to be born without scaring the living shit out of the nurses and doctor with heart decelerations caused by a compressed umbilical cord, and I had little to none left by the end. But she arrived safely, and we couldn’t be more in love with our tiny little creature. She is smaller than her sister V was at birth, even though V was a whole week early and Pringles came a few hours before her due date. That’s the one thing I just cannot get over: how tiny she is, and how enormous V seems by comparison.

Call to mind every stereotype of newborns and that is my life right now. Odie and I are sleep deprived and we have had more guests than we can handle. Tomorrow is actually the first day where we will have no visitors, and we are eagerly looking forward to our first day alone as a family of four.

Keep tuning in! There’s more to come. Happy Fourth of July! May your dogs not leave puddles of anxiety drool on your floors, causing you to slip and fall.


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3 Responses to Getting to know her, getting to know all about her

  1. Take your time. The internet isn’t going anywhere, but the newborn smell will be gone before you know it.


  2. Angie says:

    Remember – put those visitors to work for you! When they ask “is there anything you need?”, say “yes”!

    Glad all four of you are doing well.

  3. SlippidyDippidy says:

    Congrats and kudos for thinking of that fab closing line in your sleep deprived state! 🙂

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