Coloring my hair, a photo journal

Before. My washed out, light-brown, slightly reddish in the sun hair.

In progress… Garnier HerbaShine Color Creme 645 Copper Mahogany Brown.

And the result. I’d like it to be redder than this, but I do think it looks better. I like the color that it was while it was wet on my hair. I didn’t leave it on long enough because I was nervous;this was the first time I’d ever colored my own hair. An improvement, but who doesn’t look better with a blow dry? It even hides my older-than-my-years neck.


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4 Responses to Coloring my hair, a photo journal

  1. Karebear says:

    I love it! Beautiful!

  2. Emily G says:

    Go darker!

  3. mrsk6 says:

    Love it. Definitely try longer, but do be careful. I once left dye in too long and ended up with jet black hair. You’ve seen my English looking face… I looked like Wednesday Adams.

  4. Rosie says:

    You look soooooooo cute – even if I can’t see your face!

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