Don’t it make my blue eyes brown

My babies have brown eyes. Pringles’ eyes will be brown as sure as I’m sitting here. My eyes are green, and everyone in my family has blue eyes. Odie’s eyes are brown, like everyone in his family. Viva has brown eyes. It took them over a year to change. They were blue for months, then green for many more. For a while, they were brown in the center, surrounded by green. Eventually, however, they turned light brown, almost an amber color. They get darker all the time.

But there is something about these baby blues. I will miss them.


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2 Responses to Don’t it make my blue eyes brown

  1. Meghan2 says:

    I feel like it is X-Mas (said the Jew…lol) I wake up every morning for the past few days to little nuggets of funny truths from you.

    Regarding the blue eyes, she might keep them. My mother and her whole family were German’s with brown eyes. No one we know about had any shade of light eyes, but somehow a sneaky blue gene was passed down over the generations, because both my brother and I (her only children) have seriously blue eyes (Dad had the blue eyes too). Mind you, not that there is anything wrong with gorgeous big doe brown eyes 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the pictures too. Your hair looks great, you have an awesome chin that I envy greatly and your baby is delightfuly, adorably beautiful.

  2. Shellie says:

    What a beautiful girl that Pringles is!! I miss that adorable baby stage a lot but then I think of the years 8 to 13 and the feeling passes. Not having a babysitter anymore can be wonderful too.
    Enjoy your time at home, but don’t stress too much. It goes by really quickly. What you get done, great. What you don’t will be there for another day. As you said, it is your last time home so do what you want. Just hold the baby and see good shows on TV, that is relaxing for both of you.

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