Blow me away

Hello, my bitches. I have missed you. Stuff is going on and I am eager to get you all caught up. I’ve been struggling with an old computer and too broke to buy a new one since I’m not going back to work this year. When I got that news, my brain went “wahoo, I’m free shit I’m broke!” and my car and my laptop both went, “We quit!”

Then Thanksgiving happened with its omnipresent family drama. Finally, I got a lead on where I can score a new (to me) lap top, but it isn’t ready yet. I’m typing on my Nook in the dark of my dad’s house, farting all over my sister’s sheets since she is away at college getting all learned and crap and our whole city is powerfree. Have you heard about the wind in California? It isn’t just what I’m doing under the covers after tacos. We’re talking our own SoCal hurricane.

Odie is sleeping in another room with Viva and I’m here with Pringles. I miss them. The beds are too small for us to all share together and the girls would wake each other if we put them together without us, so here we are. The house is gorgeous and perfectly clean . It’s currently the object of a short sale, so it is forever in showroom condition. It’s like staying at a nice hotel where the staff bickers with each other in cront of you, but makes it up to you by playing with your kids. Can’t complain.

Just wanted to check in so you know I’m still here. I have tons to share and I can’t wait. Back soon.


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4 Responses to Blow me away

  1. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    You know that should say “front” not “cront.” I can’t figure out how to edit it on my Nook and this cront is going to bed.

  2. Meghan2 says:

    Well Cront, I look forward to your update (and to using this new word more often)

  3. cng says:

    I’ve missed you. I look for you daily now.

  4. Random Reader says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you get to stay home with your girls. Sorry about the other troubles, though.

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