I need some more comfortable shoes.

At the end of the night, I feel empty. Last evening I didn’t have the energy to turn my piece of shit laptop on and wait 20 minutes for it to load. In my class, we had read a short story wherein the protagonist describes his father after a long day of work as so tired he cannot even take off his boots. He just sits in a chair for an hour, staring at the TV.

After the first day, I was so impatient to get to my daughters at day care, I had to keep reminding myself to drive carefully. I wanted to drive over the top of every car in front of me. The happiest parts of my day are the hour between 7:30 and 8:30 when I drink my coffee and chase my children around the house brushing hair, fastening zippers and snapping snaps, and squeezing feet into shoes. Odie wakes up first and packs lunches. My administration is exceptionally pro-family, so all of the moms and dads of little ones either have first period prep to get our kids to school, or sixth period prep to pick them up. I am working an 80% class schedule, so I have the first two periods off.

I was terrified of getting two small girls ready for day care and out the door by 7:00. It has made all the difference in the world that I don’t have to. It also means that after they fall asleep around nine, I have time to stare at the TV, too tired to take off my boots.


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  1. Meghan2 says:

    Mrs. Odie,
    I am so glad to hear how supportive they are to the needs of parents.

    Off topic but wanted to ask for advice. I recently became a substitue teacher and I ask for advice all the time, but face to face I think people are reluctant to be 100% honest. I think I am doing a good job. I enjoy the children, and I like switching around to different classrooms. Some of the teachers are helpful, some not so much. SOOOOOO, I was wondering what are the basics you look for in a sub and what kind of a sub do you find exceptional. For the record I think it would be great if every parent who can, subs for a little while, it gives me a whole new understanding of my own kids and how I respond to their teachers.

    Thank you for teaching, it takes a special kind of person to hang in there and do a great job (subbing I can do, being a teacher, I don’t think so)

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      The number one thing I want in a substitute teacher is competence. I need to know she has it under control and feels confident. That may be why some teachers aren’t helpful. When I take a sick day (always because my kid is sick, never for myself ever anymore) I don’t feel hopeful about a sub who asks a bunch of questions I just want her to say, “I can handle this. Go home and feel better.”

      Exceptional subs are firm, friendly and flexible. Like a good sex doll. But obviously not in the same way.

      Read the sub plan and try to do it, but if it’s bombing, have an activity they’ll enjoy that you’re really good at. You need to have a “bag of tricks” full of stuff that works. Your toolbag. When you approach teachers, affirm how busy they are and ask whatever questions you have, but don’t come off needy. If they aren’t nice and helpful, then they suck.

      Good luck with your subbing! A great sub is worth her weight in gold.

      • Meghan2 says:

        Well, I have been busy subbing. I appreciate your advice. Honestly I ask a lot of questions now, mostly because all the schools have their own policies and technology, so I need help with that stuff but as far as class material, so far no problems. I have not had to do a hand off with the actual teacher I am subbing for yet, so I get help from the teachers in the same department.

        I love your advice and because of the way it was delivered (sax doll) I will remember it well.

  2. Meegs says:

    What a great policy! Hope its going well.

  3. Lisamarie says:

    I would love to be a teacher with an 80% class load. I didn’t think through having kids when I went to law school. I’m going to start trying next year – ready or not. My boss may die when I get pregnant.

  4. waws says:

    really its good plan……

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