Monday Potpourri

I am watching “House Hunters.” Odie calls it my real estate porn. As a Southern Californian, I am stunned by what your housing dollar buys elsewhere.

I just finished reading Compendium 1 of “The Walking Dead” graphic novel. I clearly wasn’t depressed enough lately, but now I’m there. I love a good catharsis, but bleak drama that explores the darkest crevices of human nature hasn’t been the best medicine for my ongoing struggle with depression.

Nor has my worsening binge eating. If I had to run for my life from zombies, I’d die. Luckily, the science of that genre is so patently absurd, I don’t suffer haunting “what if” scenarios like I have with “Boardwalk Empire,” “Law and Order:SVU,” or “Dinosaur Train.”

I can’t get the song out of my head.

Watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” I’m struck by how much physicality zombies borrow from toddlers. Pringles lumbers after me with a decidedly zombie-like lurching. She grabs onto her sister’s hair, making gutteral sounds in her throat while Viva shrieks. When she decides she wants to nurse, she comes at me, stumbling over anything you kick into her path, relentlessly driven by id.

I’d love to tell you everything about work, but other teachers before me have paved the way, teaching us nothing if not how stupid it is to write about our students. I will say there is a lot of good there. Mostly good. And yet the challenges are daunting.

You probably want to know what I think about Kelle Hampton growing a tiny penis in her lady-cave. I knew she was pregnant and I knew it would be a boy. Her brand is like a novel with a predictable plot. But most people like those.

My kids are doing great in day care. I almost wish they missed me a bit more. Although, Pringles has started refusing kisses. I say “Kisses for Mommy?” and she used to give me those amazing open-mouthed baby kisses. Now, she shakes her head solemly and says “No, no, no.” There are no mouth kisses allowed at day care. It’s like she’s saying, “You put me in day care, you’ll live by day care rules, bitch.”

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24 Responses to Monday Potpourri

  1. Lisamarie says:

    I have blogged about my obsession with the Walking Dead before. My husband went out of town and I watched both seasons on apple TV in about three days. I was/remain obsessed. I think everyone looks like Walkers to me. Right now I am occupying my time with Sons of Anarchy. I’m halfway into seaon 2. I have never watched so much TV in my life. Its enjoyable, but so disturbing at the same time.

  2. big meanie says:

    heh, i actually wanted to know what your opinion was on her dressing her daughters as “the princess and the frog” for halloween, and guess who gets to be the frog? i may be a total bitch to even entertain the thought, but i was kind of horrified when she mentioned it šŸ˜¦

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of it. Without context, I will say it sounds exactly like something she’d do.

      • Mrs Odie 2 says:

        I like Odie’s response, “That seems in poor taste.”

        • Kit says:

          Oh, I missed the Princess part. Not surprised though.

          “You probably want to know what I think about Kelle Hampton growing a tiny penis in her lady-cave.”
          So funny LOL I wonder what goofy name she will come up with. Probably something that should really be a last name.

    • niamhy_dee says:

      YES – thank you. Wasn’t Nella the sheep to Lainey’s Bo Peep last year too? I get that she’s the little sister, but how about she gets to be the star instead of the accessory one year. I’ve always felt that she favours Lainey more and this just reinforced it for me.

      • Julie says:

        I have two little girls, less than 2 years apart in age, and I dress them in pairs for Halloween, too. Because my oldest knows what she wants to be and my youngest is too young to care, my oldest is the “princess” or “lead character,” while little sister plays the “supporting role.” Last year, my oldest was Cinderella and my youngest was the pumpkin. The year before that, my oldest was a witch and my youngest was a black cat. This year, they’re going as Alice (in Wonderland) and the Cheshire Cat. I do not favor my oldest over my youngest at all. It’s just cute to dress them “together,” and I’m dressing my youngest in the cute animal costumes while I can. In other words, I don’t get why a big deal is being made.

        • Summer says:

          My girls are 1 and 3 and both going as princesses. I asked my 1 year old what she wanted (closer to 2) and she told me. Oh, what’s that saying? Nobody puts baby in the corner? Right!

          • Julie says:

            That’s not so much a saying as it is a quote from “Dirty Dancing.” šŸ™‚ My girls dress up as princesses every single day. Seriously. It’s nice to have them go as something “different,” and something that every other little girl their age isn’t going as, too. To each her own. I still don’t think a big deal should be made over it and I don’t think it’s hiding some sort of underlying agenda.

            • Mrs Odie 2 says:

              Speaking of underlying agendas, I swear Hampton’s friends come over here to start shit. Probably her best friend. The one who calls her “Dude” and treats her like an invalid.

              • Julie says:

                Yikes, I hope you aren’t calling ME her friend. And I hope you don’t think I’m trying to start anything, either! Just putting my two cents out there on the sibling costume thing because I can relate, that’s all.

                • Mrs J says:

                  Splitting hairs aren’t we? What does it matter whether it’s a quote or a saying? Either way, Summer is right. Nella will always be put in a corner in favour of her genetically advantaged siblings.

                  • Julie says:

                    Um, it was just a lighthearted joke. Sheesh. I don’t put my younger daughter in a corner in favor of her older sister and neither one of them have Down syndrome. There are a lot of things that grind on my nerves about Kelle Hampton, but her choice of Halloween costumes for her girls just isn’t on the list. I seriously don’t get the big deal… it kind of seems like y’all are looking for something to hate.

  3. MaryAnn says:

    Whoa, you’re darker and darker these days. “Just like you, only more depressed.” And no, I’m not a Kelle Hampton groupie but I do think there’s something to be said for looking on the bright side. You might want to try it.

    • srapalomar says:

      Hey Mary Ann, I’m pretty sure that Mrs Odie has written more than once about her struggles with depression, and it’s hardly something one can “snap out of” by looking on the bright side. If you don’t enjoy her humor, then that’s something else, no need to relate that to a mental health problem.

    • Kit says:

      Go away Poppa. Tool.

  4. Adelae says:

    I’ve been wanting to leave a comment and say this for some time. You wrote a post awhile back that delt with depression and what it felt like to get help and take medication. After that post, I finally saw a doctor about my debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. And I’m better now. Your writing was the last push to get the help I needed. Thanks for your honesty, and thank you for sharing.

  5. Rosie says:

    I hope you start feeling better.
    My stepson (aka “the sperm donor on a leash”) and his GF of one year are expecting a baby boy. He met the age, weight, and size requirements and was dropped into the “Your Babydaddy Here” slot. Unplanned? So was the last Kentucky Derby winner.

  6. Mrs J says:

    My husband has been suffering from depression for almost 4 years after we suffered a 4th miscarriage and then lost our business. It has been a difficult and painful road, it almost destroyed our marriage. Thankfully he acknowledged his illness a few months ago and has been attending counselling and taking anti-D’s since March. He still has his low days but he is improving.

    I really feel for you because I too have suffered from depression (brought on by my miscarriages) and was having suicidal thoughts for months. It was only because of my husband’s persistence and the care of my Dr and counsellors (I was seeing two separate counsellors every week just to keep my head above water) that I got through that darkest time of my life.

  7. Hannah says:

    I just stumbled onto you blog yesterday.
    1. I am not great with grammar so I am scared to comment, lest you roll your eyes…I am of the KH “style” I feeeel out my grammar.
    2. I like you. No, really- what a breath of fresh air! I used to love KH- then some time last year I got really tired of some thing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Having some “a ha! Moments” over here.
    3. I never followed the comment section on her blog – the adoration and sheer volume ot comments annoyed me.
    4. My Mom is a teacher (6th -8th grade language arts) you have 2 of the hardest jobs on earth.
    5. I probably tend to blog in all the nauseating ways- but I enjoy some satire and cynicism.
    6. I will stop listing stuff. Enjoying your blog!

  8. Michael says:

    I, too, have suffered from depression–not lifelong, but it was following treatment for cancer. During the treatment you kind of feel like a champ. Then there’s something about the “ok, now go back to your life,” as if you were on a vacation or something, when it suddenly hits you. They (doctors) don’t tell you about that part. But I was depressed for a solid year and then some, almost destroyed my marriage. Thought I would never be myself again, but after struggling, admitting to shit, and admitting I just couldn’t snap out of it, I needed help. But I had a pretty clear answer for why I was depressed, so that was helpful.

    Has your struggle been lifelong? Do you think it’s situational? (I know this isn’t a blogpost about depression, but anyway.)

    • Mrs Odie 2 says:

      I have always been a morose person. A bit more Wednesday Adams than Pippi Longstocking, you know? But I wouldn’t say it’s been lifelong. It’s partly hormonal and partly situational.

  9. Kim says:

    Oh Mrs. Odie, Where are you? I’ve been waiting for a new post…hope everything is ok with you and the family!

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