A quick check in

I’ve been on vacation. It’s been amazing. So much has been happening and yet nothing has happened. I’m cutting back on my postpartum depression medicine and feeling absolutely no different, which is supposed to be a great sign. I’m weaning my “baby” Pringles, who I keep calling “the baby” and “my baby” even though she’ll be two in a few months. I’m planning Viva’s fourth birthday, which blows my mind. Don’t worry, I’m not hot-gluing or hand-stitching any custom-made party favors. I must admit, my sister is sewing dragons for the kids’ goody bags, but that’s totally her idea. She wants the sewing practice.

I just got back from a camping trip with a group of people who were all at my husband’s first wedding. 

I was evaluated by my principal for the first time since I’ve been a working mother.

We took the kids camping for the first time, including an eight-hour round trip drive.

I wanted to pop in and give you a teaser, but I can’t stay and write. This computer is about to become a kids’ toy, and I need to invest in my own “work” laptop (this work, not school work). I often have the time and inclination, not to mention the inspiration, to write, but I don’t have a working computer. I can’t publish or even write on my school computer. Odie’s computer is nearly always being used by him (Damn you, Diablo III!). Considering that my computer needs consist of blogging and creating documents, my laptop needs are small and cheap. And what’s another few hundred dollars of credit card debt at this point?

See you soon.


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  1. Michael says:

    Was THIS close to giving up on you. Glad to see you’re living outside the blogosphere.

  2. Carol-Anne says:

    Missed you. Glad you’re back. I’d NEVER give up.

  3. I don’t dare blog/comment on blogs from my work computer. Besides….there’s no time. Elementary teachers have about a 20 minute lunch (after sacrificing 10 minutes–5 to walk the kids to the cafeteria and then five to pick them up on time and bring them back to class). My planning period is for–well—you know. Everything else. Know how I got to have my own laptop?? By nearly dying of a perforated ulcer three years ago. Youngest made my husband buy a MacBook for me so that I could communicate with my students (NOT!) and the rest of the outside world from my hospital bed. Otherwise, I might still be fighting for time on my desktop with teenagers who needed to write a paper or check Facebook. GET A LAAAPTOPPPP!! Quickly! I love reading your words.


    Fellow teacher

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