Forward Motion

As a blogger, you have to get into a rhythm of posting. If no one is paying you to write, the momentum can be the only thing that keeps you working. And by “you” I mean “me”.

I finally finished the invitations for Viva’s fourth birthday party today. It will be just our style: low maintenance. An indoor playground where the fun is built-in. No need to set up a craft table or party-themed food. The kids will run around the facility like a pack of rabid ferrets while we grown-ups make polite chit-chat and nibble on store-bought fare. My sister will bake cupcakes. The children will lick the frosting off and leave the remainder like so many discarded cupcake corpses.

My school year is winding down. Thirty more teaching days, but who’s counting? That number includes state testing and final exams, making the number of actual teaching days even fewer. This time next year, I’ll be sweating the remaining moments before the AP exam. AP English Language is the class I abandoned when I left to have babies. Next year I return to it, coming full circle. Today my principal informed me that my successor has made the term literal. Her AP scores are among the highest at the school. Knock me over with a feather. When she came to me, she was but the learner. Now she is the master.

I’m not so proud that I can’t be happy for her. Not super-duper happy, but her victory is our victory as a school, right? (Whore) It will be the second time I’ve taken over a successful AP program, and I have every intention of making it the second time I meet and exceed expectations.

I have a feeling expectations are low, coming from some people. Nothing like a little bit of “Oh, yeah? Well, fuck you!” to light a fire under my rapidly shrinking ass.

That’s right. The baby weight is finally melting off. All it took was cutting about 3,000 calories a day from my intake. Who knew?

I am a Diablo III widow. In spite of that, Odie and I took a date night on Saturday night, renewing our vows to love, honor, cherish, and take turns driving (side-eye, Reese Witherspoon).

Momentum. And a swift kick to the ass from Michael. That’ll keep me going. See you soon.


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  1. Holly says:

    Love the whore comment! LOL.

    • Holly says:

      (This is your old fan Summer bytheway). I’m either Holly of the Valley or Summer I can never remember.

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