Pressure, Pushing Down on Me

The pressure to write something pithy and brilliant after such a long absence is keeping me paralyzed. Instead, I’ll publish something short and maybe not my best work, but it will be a start. I told myself from the beginning that the only way I’m ever going to be successful as a writer is to write. 

My semester ended a week ago, and it was disappointing. I feel like I failed in nearly every way I could fail. I take that back. I didn’t lose my keys. I’m relieved that our district changed the calendar so our first semester finishes before winter recess. I have 17 days total to put between my first and second semesters as a buffer. We all need a fresh start.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my mother situated in a skilled nursing facility. Through some manipulation, some misunderstanding, and some tarrying, my mom hasn’t been getting the care she’s supposed to be getting and my sister and I are trying to amend the mistakes we and others made. It’s high drama, suitable to a Holly Hunter or a Laura Linney independent film. Painfully tragic and almost impossible to enjoy, yet ultimately life affirming. I’m still waiting on the life affirming. 

May the Medi-Cal Gods be with us tomorrow, Amen.

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2 Responses to Pressure, Pushing Down on Me

  1. S says:

    Good luck getting your mom settled and getting her the care she needs. Here’s to fresh starts.

  2. Val says:

    Yes, chiming in to wish you good luck! – a fellow Sandwich-er

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