I guess I’m a “Lifestyle Blogger” now

On March 19 I bought an introductory unlimited membership to a local spin studio. The studio is so close to my rented home in a suburban community that I can leave my driveway at 5:26 and be on the bicycle at 5:30. Despite this level of convenience, I drove by that spin studio for 5 years without once booking a ride.

Spinning is feared by many. I always pictured a group of sweaty fitness freaks in beast mode pedaling on stationary bicycles. I’ve had many friends and coworkers claim to be terrified of even trying it. I took my first class back in 1997 and all I remember from that experience is the horrific pain in my mons veneris. I was told “You get used to it,” or worse “It gets better.” Yeah, that’s what I want. No feeling in my crotch.

It’s also like joining a cult. You’ll hear that a lot too.

Even before I had babies, I worked out inconsistently. I was born athletic, though a very particular type of athleticism. I’m not agile or coordinated. I can’t dribble, serve, hit, or catch a ball. I have endurance and strength. Those two qualities make me a prime candidate for spinning.

I took my first class March 19 and attended 3-4 classes a week until June 20 or so, after which I hit a lazy patch and missed all but 2 classes a week for 2 weeks. It’s really easy for me to become obsessive and inflexible. I have a problem with all-or-nothing thinking. Either I’m working out perfectly or I’m ruining EVERYTHING. I had myself convinced that taking off 4 days in a row had undone 12 weeks of working out consistently 3-5 times a week.

I’d love to be able to tell you that I’ve lost tons of weight and I look amazing, but I haven’t and I already looked amazing. But seriously, I weigh the same and I look better, but I’m toned, not thinner. I feel great when I spin and especially afterwards. My resting heart rate dropped 17 beats per minute in 3 months. I’m beginning to suspect that I can’t eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every night and lose weight. That if I don’t also radically change my diet, then I’ll never see the results I want.

I don’t have a big dream; it’s just a little dream. I want to get dressed every day without having to consider if my clothes make me look fat. Okay, it’s a big dream.

I have struggled with bulimia in the past, so I have to be careful. I can’t count calories or “diet” because it triggers me to binge and purge. I won’t use apps on my phone or other “easy” tricks. Not today, anyway, and not tomorrow. I will endeavor to be less rigid in my thinking and accept the possibility that I will use phone apps or the like at some point. Today, my priority is taking advantage of the opportunity I have to work out at convenient locations that are offering affordable summer/newcomer specials. I start Bikram yoga on Tuesday. I hate heat and I’m kind of “myeh” about yoga, so this will be interesting. My mother was a yoga teacher and she once gave Chuck Norris private lessons. True story. He had to stop chanting “Om,” though because he would create a new universe every time. Also, Chuck Norris doesn’t do sun salutations. The sun salutes Chuck Norris.

Bikram yoga is also called “hot yoga” and I despise the heat. Still, it gets so hot where I live, it might be nice to walk outside after class and enjoy the cool 98 degree day.

I’m challenging myself to work out every day until I go back to work on August 10. This isn’t going to turn into a lifestyle blog, but I will keep you apprised of my progress. I would love to hear about your own fitness make-overs and successes. To borrow a joke from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, let’s all turn our resistance up to “Gandhi.”



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  1. Val says:

    Am I first, seriously? Just demonstrates how pathetic my life is, but let’s not go there…
    I was the average jock coming up thru school – not the superstar by a long shot, but a solid team player. Exercise remains my AD of choice even though I’ve been in a slump these past few mos – can you say “Custody battle round 3?” Whoops, I said I wasn’t going there!
    One of my bravest acts to date was walking into local hot yoga studio a couple of yrs ago, lacking that “yoga body” – but at least I can take the heat!
    I accept your challenge – it’d do me a world of good to get BACK in the habit…

  2. Meghan2 says:

    I am an all or nothing kind of person as well. I am also naturally athletic in the way you describe. However, I have to have a specific reason to challenge my body. I was in the army and the challenge was my job. So I was trim and fit. Then, I finished my enlistment pregnant with our second and later went on to have a total of four children (the hubby is still in the military today–23 years now). I enjoy working out so I continued to exercise, but got very lazy about what I ate and I ballooned up. Mar 12, 2014 I was told I was pre-diabetic (my mother died 5 years prior from complications related to diabetes) and this terrified me. Being able to play with my future grandchildren (my eldest child is now 17, so I have some time to wait) became my new motivation/challenge. Within 5 months, under the eye of my doctor recommended nutritionist, I lost 60lbs and have kept it off since, not once have I had an item of food I shouldn’t. So, really fear is my motivator and while I am not a fortune teller, I am fairly certain I will never eat what I shouldn’t because I envision my grandbabies and want to be a large part of their lives. For the record, very quickly I lost all cravings for the “bad” stuff, except pizza. I can bake a cake, brownies, hand out chips and fruit (I can only have a half piece of even fruit) and nothing bothers me, but man the smell of pizza is still a challenge, but getting better.

    Good luck to you and this new challenge…one piece of unsolicited advice, well two:
    1) It is more about what you eat than what you do.
    2) Rest day’s are important, please make sure you take one day a week to exercise very lightly if you feel you must do something daily.
    3) BONUS Drink plenty of water!

    • Mrs Odie says:

      My body has forced me to take rest days. I’ve had no choice. I’m building up to 6 days a week, but am currently at 5. I’ve only been able to manage one Bikram class a week. Man, it was hot in there.

  3. Lisa says:

    I hate “working out.” I tried a gym membership back when I was in my 20s and went less than a handful of times. I’m completely ungraceful and unathletic, and extremely self-conscious. Also, I don’t like people much, so I’m not really a joiner. So my exercise routine is walking. It’s perfect for me because I get to be alone (and listen to audio books while I’m at it), I don’t have to feel all clutzy and self-conscious, and I work up a sweat and it’s decent cardio (I try to “power” walk at least a couple of miles).
    I feel really good when I do it consistently, but not surprisingly, find it difficult to get back on track when I’ve stopped for a few days.

  4. After make up days that had been cancelled for ice, a week of NMSI workshop and then another for AVID, my summer finally started just about the time that June was coming to a close. I decided to use this “time off” to start the Whole 30 eating program. Because my formerly awesome metabolism packed up and moved to Florida, I have had to try different things that might get it going again. When reducing my daily meals to two-per-day, bookended by sprints at the track and hot yoga in the late afternoon failed to produce ANY results at all, I almost gave up. Whole 30 has been a gift. Sure, I have to give up wine, bread, cheese, sugar and most all carbs for 30 days, but that’s only to help me create a healthy habit. And…to help me to understand how much better I feel after eliminating the enormous amount of carbs I actually do put into my mouth every day. Or did. I’m finish Day 6 today. Yesterday I had lunch and Happy Hour with some fellow teachers from my building. I had iced tea while everyone else drank margaritas. I had steak and broccoli while everyone else had chips and salsa. I did not feel deprived. For the first time in years I feel that I am in a safe zone with my eating. I know what to do and what I can have. I feel better and I am losing weight. The stress weight I have gained has all been a product of teaching. I imagine my cortisol levels are through the roof, so I also take plenty of B vitamins for that. Good luck with the spinning!

    • Mrs Odie says:

      God, I miss my formerly awesome metabolism. I should have given her more love back in the day. “I dreamed a dream, but now that dream has gone from me.”

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