Tell me a story

Have you ever had this happen?

In the course of conversation with someone you think you really like, they reveal to you that they are

a) sexist

b) racist

c) anti-Semitic

d) ideologically opposite of you (either just right of Rush Limbaugh or slightly left of Michael Moore)

e) all of the above

What did you do?

Would you share your story with my readers and me? Pretty please? Here’s one of mine:

When I was in college, my boyfriend Tiger and I were driving with another couple to the local county fair. We were at different universities, and his was in a rural area. These friends of Tiger’s were newlyweds. We gals sat in the back seat making small talk.

“Are you and Roy going to have kids?”

“I don’t really want to. I don’t like kids. But I feel we have to. I mean we should.

For the white race.”



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5 Responses to Tell me a story

  1. Meghan2 says:

    WOW! She is so racist, she looks at your face (white skin) and is so confident that you both think alike, that she says tit as if she was talking about her morning breakfast! Being Jewish I have had this happen several times but no incident has been so amazing as your example. Best example is thus:

    I was living in Germany on military base. My stairwell neighbor (Lucy) seemed nice enough, we were getting to know each other (She just moved in). Another neighbor, a handsome young man, who went on and on about his wife and how great she was and that she would be coming from the states soon, was like a “Ken doll” according to Lucy and she couldn’t wait to meet his “Barbie” wife. Well she moved in about 6 weeks later, Lucy met her first. Afterwards she came rushing over and was freaking out that “Ken” had “Married out” and their children would be half-breeds. His wife was Korean. My response was pure shock so I stood there frozen with a “WTF” expression on my face.

    Oh one more (not a shocking story but informative as I didn’t know their cultural racism until this happened):

    Also in Germany, in college, with Germans and Americans. On the way to class, I was radio channel surfing and came across a German rapping. It was hilarious to me, all the hard sounds he was making and rapping I just imagined him spitting everywhere trying to sound hard core. I got to class, lightheartedly told my German friend in class that I had never heard rapping in German before and it was quite the experience. She said “Yes, it is even odder when it is a German doing it.” I said “Well since it was in German language, I assume it was a German.” She said “No, it was a Black, and Blacks are NOT Germans, they are American spawn left here by American soldiers that got our women pregnant, they are Blacks!” I argued that they were born in Germany, to a German mother, their first (and possibly only) language was German that sounds German to me. But she insisted, only whites could ever be German, Blacks are Blacks. I started asking other German “friends” I had and they all agreed that Blacks are not and can not be Germans ever. I don’t want to be racists myself and assume the whole country feels this way, but I didn’t talk to a German that felt otherwise.

    Okay that’s the best I can do. Looking forward to reading some other stories!

    • Mrs Odie says:

      Whoa! That is something else! I guess being from America where most of us are mixes of something, it’s hard to imagine another way of looking at things. Watching Homeland this season, it’s bizarre to hear the “bad guys” who are supposed to be terrorists speaking German.

      • Meghan2 says:

        I just reread my post, and I’m sorry for the “tit” mistake, obviously should have read “it.” However it did give me a giggle, maybe it did you too.

  2. Summer says:

    I was eating at a subway restaurant with my blond and red headed blue eyed kids and a woman with crazy eyes came right up to our table and talked about how you don’t see kids ‘like ours’ anymore. I think she began talking about the white race but my heart started pounding thinking she might be dangerous so I just focused on protecting them just in case and don’t
    remember the rest. Something about sticking together. She came up to my table, really close, multiple times. It was a bit frightening.

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