It’s Been a Minute

Would you believe that I genuinely forget to write? I genuinely forget a lot of things. It’s annoying to everyone in my life. Because sometimes? It’s dinner.

Another thing, though, is that I want to change what I write about. I don’t so much want to talk about my life and my parenting. Menopause sucks, marriage is both wonderful and difficult, so are teenagers. You’re all caught up. My passions lie elsewhere. Creative nonfiction, TV analysis (TV as Literature, basically), Observational comedy are some of the genres I’m into.

I hope that is going to work for my audience and grow it as well. My timeline is to retire from teaching in 5 years and write/edit/proofread full time.

It was a big punch in the gut to hear the news about Heather Armstrong’s death. I jumped on the bandwagon of criticism back in the day, and I feel like garbage about it. I didn’t do the “hate,” but I took the piss. She was a brilliant writer and if not for her, I don’t think I’d ever have written a blog. She was a pioneer of a brand new genre of writing when the internet was new, and she deserves her immortal palms for that. May she rest in peace, and may her children find comfort in their grief.

I don’t want to commit to an exact writing schedule. My publishing pace will fall somewhere between Stephen King and George R.R. Martin (constant and never).


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